Buffalo and Bison

Buffalo and bison are large mammals that graze on the grasses of North American prairies. Bison were hunted for their skins almost to extinction in the 19th century and were reduced to a few hundred by the mid-1880s.

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Buffalo and Bison

What is the correct expression for busy as a buffalo?

The preferred expression is "BUSTLIN' like a Bison" for the only time you ever see a buffalo get active about anything is during the rut, or Rutting Season. Otherwise they are oblivious to anything and everything around them, (as long as you are not down wind of them) because of their typically poor eyesight and heavy weight.

This is more or less one of archaic colloquialisms of the time that has lost its priority in our society today and was a more genteel plainsman's way of saying you were "slow" or rather clueless to your own immediate surroundings.

Buffalo and Bison
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Is there a buffalo wild wings in Bakersfield?

They are building one in gosford village by SAMs club.

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Buffalo and Bison

How do you make a buffalo mask?

The easiest, but not very creative, way is to print a picture of a buffalos head that is proportional to your own, cut it out, glue it onto a piece of carboard, cut the carboard around the picture, punch some holes on the sides, string some elastic string through the holes and wear it!

Buffalo and Bison

How do you cook buffalo fish ribs?

Batter with yellow cornmeal, salt and pepper then deep fry in cooking oil. Preferably peanut.

Buffalo and Bison

What do buffalo and bison eat?

Bison and buffalo are grazers, thus they primarily eat grasses wherever they can find, depending on what species you are referring to and where they live:

The North American Bison (also called a buffalo) subsist primarily on prairie grasses or grasses that grow in the woods (especially for those Woods Bison that live in Wood Buffalo and Prince Albert National Parks in Alberta and Saskatchewan, respectively. Wood bison can also eat leaves off of trees if they can reach them, but prefer to eat grass instead. Bison that are raised on ranches are also fed grain or alfalfa pellets or cubes as a treat, and given hay during those winters where they cannot dig for grasses or there are not enough pasture for them to eat from during the winter months.

African Cape Buffalo are also grazers like their North American cousins, and will eat grasses and tender shoots found both on the African Savannah and wading in water holes, rivers and streams, respectively. Asian Water Buffalo graze and browse on grasses, tender shoots and other plants that grow in and around streams, ponds and water holes where they like to live and freely roam.

Buffalo and Bison

How heavy are water buffalo?

Males weigh up to about 1,200 kg (2,600 lbs); females weigh up to about 800 kg (1,800 lbs).

Buffalo and Bison
Iroquois Indians

Did the Iroquois hunt buffalo?

Answer: Yes, the eastern tribes did hunt a buffalo species (Bison bison pennsylvanicus - the eastern woodlands bison) which other answerers are clearly ignorant about. This was a subspecies of the North American buffalo (Bison bison bison), larger, darker and with longer, thinner horns.

This buffalo species lived in woodland areas in very small groups, grazing the underbrush instead of grass (like an elk). They were always far less numerous than Plains buffalo and consequently more difficult to find and kill. The species may have become largely extinct by 1800 - meaning that the Iroquois tribes had plenty of opportunity to hunt them throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, entirely on foot and at first using only the typical long Iroquoian bow.

The Cayuga and Onondaga languages include a memory of those long-ago woodlands buffalo - the words degriyag�« (Cayuga; a buffalo) and dege.ya'gi' (Onondaga; a buffalo).

Buffalo and Bison

What is the kingdom phylum and class of buffalo's?

kingdom = animalia phylum=chordata class=mammalia subphylum=vertebrata order=artiodactyla family=bovidae subfamily=bovinae genus=syncerus species=S.caffer

Buffalo and Bison
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Does a female water buffalo have horns?


Buffalo and Bison

Did you hear about the antelope who was getting dressed when he was trampled by a herd of buffalo?

The answer to this riddle is: Well, as far as we know this was the first self dressed stamped antelope.

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Buffalo and Bison

What did Indians do with Buffalo ribs?

Native Americans of the Great Plains used almost every part of the buffalo, but the bones were not always used.

Buffalo ribs were sometimes used to make the runners for snow-sleds for children's winter games; before traders brought metal arrowheads the ribs could be cut into bone arrow points; with holes drilled through a rib an arrow-maker could straighten the wooden shafts of his arrows; sections of ribs were used in the construction of women's saddles; there were probably more uses as well.

Buffalo and Bison

What is a bunch of buffalo?

A herd.

Buffalo and Bison

What do bison eat?

Bison and buffalo subsist chiefly on prairie grass and sedges.

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Buffalo and Bison

Why buffalo color is black?

Most American buffalo are not black, but have dark brown coarse fur on their heads, necks and shoulders and lighter short fur on the back, belly and hind legs. Some are yellowish, some reddish and some, very rarely, are almost white. Most animals are an orange-brown colour when young, turning darker brown as they get older.

Horns and hoofs are generally black.

White buffalo have always been considered sacred by the Plains tribes - a tradition that still continues today.

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Buffalo and Bison
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What is the difference between a buffalo and a bison?

Not too much, really. Bison are commonly referred to as the large-humped, small hollow-horned, furry-headed beasts that existed by the millions on the Great Plains (called the Plains or American Bison I believe) and are also found up in northern Canada as Woodlands Bison. Bison of North America are also called Buffalo, but bison has been created as a more proper term, since there are "true" buffalo that exist in the world, such as the Cape Buffalo and the Water Buffalo, both found in Africa and India, respectively.

On the humorous side

There really isn't any difference, with the exception that you cannot wash your hands in a buffalo.

Think about it a bit. You have to be British to understand the differentiation.

Buffalo and Bison

Do buffalo still roam the great plains?

Buffalo, also called American bison, no longer roam the Great Plains. The species was hunted so much during the 19th century that it almost became extinct. Now, you can find buffalo primarily in reserves and parks, but not free on the plains.

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Buffalo and Bison

How long do goats live for?

The lifespan of a goat in captivity averages from 12-15 years.

Buffalo and Bison

Does bison moo?

The American Bison does not moo.

The gaur, or Indian Bison does in a lower pitch.

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Buffalo and Bison

Do carabao have pointed canines or broad flat teeth?

Carabao have broad flat teeth. They also have no top incisors nor pointed canines, just like cows, goats and sheep don't.

Buffalo and Bison

What is another name for Amrican bison?


Buffalo and Bison
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What is a group of buffalo called?

A group of buffalo is called a herd, gang, or obstinacy

The buffaloes group name is usually called a herd.

Buffalo and Bison

How did the Indians use the buffalo beard?

for clothes =^.^=

Buffalo and Bison

How do you tenderize buffalo meat?

Using a meat tenderizer cleaver

Buffalo and Bison

What is plains Indian regalia made of?

Native Americans generally used natural materials in their environment. For the Plains Indians that would include animal skins, bone, horn, antlers, nails, feathers, and shells.

Buffalo and Bison

What are the taxonomic classification of buffalo?

Bison bison


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