Exotic Farm Animals

This category deals with exotic farm animals which have become commercial enterprises in the farming community such as emu, ostrich, or yak. The treatment and care of these non traditional creatures along with certain farming techniques is discussed here.

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Exotic Farm Animals

Why the RBC of camel is nucleatated?

RBC of all the mammals is anucleated without any exception. RBC of mammals are nucleated only during embryonic stages. It's just that RBC's of camels and llama are oval in shape and anucleated.
Hunting and Shooting
Exotic Farm Animals

Do foxes hunt in groups?

Fox hunt alone except when vixens are teaching their young to hunt. Their prey is small and doesn't require more than one fox to make a successful hunt.

Exotic Farm Animals

What is camel in terms in bank management?

C- capital adequacy

A- asset quality

M- management quality

E- earnings quality

L- liquidity

S- sensitive to market risk

Exotic Farm Animals

Do camels spit like llamas?

Oh yes.

Buffalo and Bison
Exotic Farm Animals

Does a female water buffalo have horns?


Exotic Farm Animals

What country is the ostrich a native of?


Exotic Farm Animals

How many eyes do spiders have?

It varies from spider to spider. Most have eight - four main ones and 4 small back ones.

It depends. some have 4 some have 2.

It varies by species, but usually they have 6 or 8 eyes.

some have 8, some have 6
Most species have eight eyes, some have only six or four eyes. Caponiidae-species only have to eyes.

Exotic Farm Animals

Are ostriches dinosaurs?

Technically, yes. Ostriches are birds. Birds are now classified as dinosaurs.

Buffalo and Bison
The Difference Between
Exotic Farm Animals

What is the difference between a buffalo and a bison?

Not too much, really. Bison are commonly referred to as the large-humped, small hollow-horned, furry-headed beasts that existed by the millions on the Great Plains (called the Plains or American Bison I believe) and are also found up in northern Canada as Woodlands Bison. Bison of North America are also called Buffalo, but bison has been created as a more proper term, since there are "true" buffalo that exist in the world, such as the Cape Buffalo and the Water Buffalo, both found in Africa and India, respectively.

On the humorous side

There really isn't any difference, with the exception that you cannot wash your hands in a buffalo.

Think about it a bit. You have to be British to understand the differentiation.

Exotic Farm Animals

Why does the ostrich have a long neck?

to hide

Exotic Farm Animals

What is a adult deer called?

A female is a doe. A male is a buck.

Exotic Farm Animals

How often do camels use the bathroom?

The camel's face above says it all: "Who wants to know and why!" And it may remain his secret. Though I searched many web pages, the only remark I found about their excrement is that camels excrete in small dry pellets to conserve water. It did not say how often camels eliminate waste.

Kosher Food
Exotic Farm Animals

Is it kosher to eat ostrich?

Ostriches are not a kosher species of bird. This is because they match the description of a bird specified as non-kosher in the Torah.

Buffalo and Bison
Exotic Farm Animals

What is a group of buffalo called?

A group of buffalo is called a herd, gang, or obstinacy

The buffaloes group name is usually called a herd.

Exotic Farm Animals

What does the ostrich symbolize?

The ostrich symbolises being mejestic and strong!

Hunting and Shooting
Exotic Farm Animals

What rifle should you use to hunt deer at 500 yards in Texas?


You could use a 30.06 or 7mm to hunt deer at 500yds.


No serious hunter would shoot at an animal that far away.

338 lapua

If you can "Reliably" hit the vitals on a game animal at 500yds ensure that shot placement and caliber are sufficent to execute a clean kill. If not then pass on the shot. A magnum will do it but ammo cost are rising and with that enharent flinch that many get from massive recoil it may not serve you well. Bullet weight and style play an important role in trajectory out to 500 yds epecially when wind is a factor so try to find a balance between sectional density and ballistic co-efficients. Check the wind drift charts from ammo manufacturers for info on this to get a visuallization . If you can hit a target at 500 can you do the same when the rifle is set for point blank range ( lets say 250 yds ), from a semi kneeling position ( where you stopped at when you saw him ), with ammo that you've tested in both hot and cold climates ( at least 200 rounds worth ), with a slight 5 degree declination in the land ( on a hill- changes range ), a 15 mph crosswind at 125 yds and a 20 mph gust at 300 yds etc.. etc.. with the sun slightly in your eyes and your heart pounding ? If you can then yes a 30-06 will do nicely. I can hit the target at 982 yds ( my longest recorded shot on paper targets ) but I like to sneak into about 50 yds with my 44 mag pistol and a SxS 20 guage because my great grandpa told me it was called " HUNTING " and not " SHOOTING ". Hope this helped some

There is a web site; www.bestofthewest.com They regularly shoot at game between 500 and 1,000 yards. However, they are using a custom built rifle and scope that together will cost you about $7,000. Too rich for my blood. Make your hunt a 'hunt'. Get in there closer and make it a challenge.

Exotic Farm Animals

What is a man's camel toe?

Well.. I understand that you are asking this question because it is a very debated topic. This is a hard question and not that many people can come out and talk about this highly debated issue. I think that the answer you are lookinng for is that the mans camel toe is located down there. and it looks gross and i dont feel like explaining. you should try and ask a MAN because he will give you a straight answer. SWAG.

Exotic Farm Animals

Are ostriches autotrophs or heterotrophs?

Ostriches are heterotrophs because they have to find their own food.

Exotic Farm Animals

How did the automobile save ostriches from extinction?

The automobile saved ostriches from extinction because it allowed citizens to travel by car.

Exotic Farm Animals

What do musk deer eat?

MUSK DEER eat plants,grass,and moss but in the winter they eat twigs and linchen. Musk deer are herbivores.

Exotic Farm Animals

What shape is an ostriches body?

An ostriches body shape, can be best described as globular, meaning it has a big butox. its beak is that like the duck so we describe it as being Placadic. its long legs are called martimer. and its long neck is called an amangio.

Exotic Farm Animals

What is a camel's hair brush made of?

Camel hair brushes, used by artists, is a generic term for brushes that are made from all different types of hair such as goat, pony or sheep. BUT, the most common and most recognized, is squirrel. (I sometimes use them in my work! painting portraits and lucky Indalos as good luck gifts)

"Camel hair" brush is a big hint that it's real animal hair but of a lower quality so would not be used in a high quality brush. For example: Mack Brush Co uses Pony & Goat Hair. No Camel hair in a Camel hair brush.

The cost of a "Camel" hair brush is far lower than a good quality brush. I usually throw them away rather than clean them. I buy them in bulk at around $0.10 to $0.35 a piece.

Exotic Farm Animals

What eats musk ox?

The Polar Bear and the Arctic Fox eat's the Musk Ox

Animal Life
Exotic Farm Animals

What are the pros and cons of having exotic animals as pets?

The positive is that exotic pets are a real conversation piece. And other people are generally interested in something out of the ordinary. The more you learn about your pet, the more you can inform others. A side benefit is that you can counsel someone who may be thinking of acquiring one of these animals, if you see that they are really not suited for the responsibility. Another plus, in the case of parrots anyway, is that they are very good company. And very amusing. They enjoy a good conversation, and will often take part, or start one of their own. Of course, you cannot force one to contribute at your command, but when comfortable in their surroundings they will often carry on to the delight of all.

The downside is multifaceted. First, some of the exotic animals have very long lives, and therefore acquiring one is a very long commitment. Lifestyles change, often eliminating the accommodations that the exotic pet needs for optimal care. Finding a suitable home for an exotic that you can no longer care for is difficult. Every pet requires periodic veterinary care, and finding an exotic animal vet is not as easy as finding a regular dog/cat vet. The regular vets don't necessarily have the training or education to deal with the specific problems of the exotic pet. Providing the appropriate feed for an exotic may be more time consuming (going to a special store) or more expensive.

Finding pet-sitting service is much more difficult than asking a neighbor to feed your cat while you go somewhere for a weekend. The exotic animal has specific needs that must be met on a regular/daily basis, and there are few who understand the needs well enough to be trusted with their care. The average house guest does not have the common sense to know how to behave around an unusual animal. Often well-meaning guests will reach their hand out toward a bird who could break their finger. Another risk is that people for some reason feel free to offer food to pets. What they don't know is that several common human food items are considered toxic to the exotic birds. So there is the constant vigilance of protecting the pet from the innocent gestures of strangers.

Answer To add to the astute observations of the previous commentator:

To me, the downside of exotic pets is so overwhelming that I can't justify having one. Consider the fact that the state of Florida now has breeding populations, in the wild, of constrictor-type snakes like boas and pythons. These reptiles grow big enough to kill and eat dogs, raccoons, cats, and even children. Consider the small but significant number of people who knowingly purchase snakes that are venomous to a high degree for pets, and are killed by them. Consider the fool who made the news not so long ago because the tiger he kept IN HIS APARTMENT killed him. And the list goes on. Unlike the parrot owner above, enough people who acquire exotic and sometimes dangerous pets are not responsible enough to own a dog, and end up dead. There was a woman bitten by her baby Gabon Viper. She left a note asking the authorities not to hurt the pretty little baby snake that had killed her. Or the man who, bitten by his pet cobra, went to the bar below his apartment to have a beer while awaiting the ambulance. He died in the bar. Nutria are another example. They've changed the face of nature in some southern states by breeding in huge numbers, overpowering some domestic species, and altering the ecology permanently. In Florida, again, there are flocks of wild parrots, formed from the descendants of pets that someone thoughtlessly released, or allowed to escape. They are a nuisance in some parts of the state. Or, check out the people who pay $25 for a beautiful Blue Ringer octopus from Australia. These gorgeous creatures, though no more than 3 inches long, can bite through a rubber wet suit. Once bitten, unless CPR is administered for 12 hours or so the victim dies, fully conscious but paralyzed and unable to move.

It is not good to have a pet that is a threat to me, my family or friends, and none of them had the potential to disrupt the ecology of the area. To me, it seems logical to enact and enforce a moratorium on the private ownership of exotics that pose a threat to people or the environment. The fun of having an unusual pet does not, to me, outweigh the personal danger and possible environmental disasters that can occur when such a pet is kept by a fool. Let the zoos and other accredited organizations do as they like. They are liable, and have the education and resources to deal with them. Otherwise, it seems to me that the possible negative effects are much too great to make the ownership of such a critter worth the risk.


One more downside is that a high fraction of exotic pets come from illegal operations where they are captured from the wild and shipped to places where they are purchased knowingly or unknowingly by people wealthy enough to afford them. These illegal poaching and importing operations can have a devastating effect on the natural habitat of the exotic animals. Also, there is a high incidence of animal cruelty in the initial capture and in the shipping of these animals. An illegal shipment of exotic birds often has only a small fraction survive. Even purchasing them from apparently legitimate sources helps support the demand for the exotic animals and helps motivate the illegal trade in exotic pets.


Exotic Farm Animals

How deer body part used for protection?

The long thin legs of the deer help it to run fast and escape from enemies. The body color merges with the surrounding and hides it from the enemies.


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