Caribou are the cervids of the Far North, most notably of Canada and Alaska. Also known as reindeer in Europe and northern Asia, these migratory members of the deer family make their home on the Tundra during the brief summer and the sub-Arctic boreal forests during the winter.

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What is the opposite gender of stag?

Hind (stag and hinds are red deer and elk while buck and does are white-tailed deer and mule deer).


Can you spray Lysol on a deer mount?

If you want to remove dust, try a damp washcloth but go lightly on the cleaning. You do not want to dislodge the hairs, or the mount will end up looking like it was mangy.

There is no need to be concerned about germs, especially if the mount is more than at a few months old. Basically, once the hide is completely cured and dried, it's no different than having a fur coat hanging in your closet. For that matter, if in doubt ask your furrier what the recommended way to clean a rabbit-skin or fox hide coat is. Then follow those same guidelines for a deer mount.

Lastly, don't apply any polish or anything to the antlers and don't clean them with anything but a damp cloth. Otherwise, they may no longer look natural, which was the objective of the taxidermist. And it would dishonor the animal. The natural-looking mount is a time-honored tradition for honoring an especially notable game animal or bird.

If an animal has been mounted correctly the fur will not come out. The taxidermist I use instructed me not to wet the mount in any way. This will cause mold to form on the skin in turn ruining the mout. He said to lightly dust the fur with a dry wash cloth with a very small amount of pledge furniture polish. Do not wet your mount, It will ruin it!!


Opposite gender of vixen?


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Is a baby deer called a hawk?

No. A baby deer is called a fawn.

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When does the rut start in Mississippi?

it starts in early December late November

New York
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When will new york deer go into rut in 2010?

In NJ and some parts of New York we've seen bucks chasing does already but the does arent ready. I don't know if the rut has fully kicked in for the bucks, but this weekend (oct. 23) is a great moonphase to hunt, so if the rut is starting now like i think it is, Saturday will be great.


How are kangaroo and deer alike?

Kangaroos and deer are both mammals, giving birth to live young which feed on mothers' milk.

Both creatures are capable of jumping very high, due to the structure of the tendons and ligaments in their hind legs.

Kangaroos and deer are both essentially herbivorous.

They are both found in Australia, although the kangaroo is native to Australia and the deer is introduced.

Both animals are farmed for their meat.


Will a fox eat a baby deer?

By all means yes! Male and female (vixens) foxes will eat baby deer if they can get past their mothers and close enough to them. They're surprisingly strong and will go for the throat and drag the dead fawn back to their dens.

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Do deer make dens in the winter?



Is sausage healthier than bacon?

kinda. it depends on which type of sausage you mean

most real sausage comes from pig so it might be the same...


Does a rattlesnake eat a mule deer?

No, a deer is much too large for a rattlesnake to swallow.


How does temperature affect deer movement?

Scientific studies have proven that deer movement is directly related to changes in external stimuli such as weather, barometric pressure, temperature, rain, windchill etc. Temperatureplays a major part in the feeding times and movement of whitetail deer and many other types of big games animals. Deer, much like people, will stop moving altogether when the temperature gets too warm or too cold. The comfort zone for deer varies from state to state and from region to region. The ScopeWatch, a digital rifle scope temperature display will allow a hunter to observe, record, and pattern deer movement in a given area based upon temperature changes. For a more thorough understanding of these methods, and to put temperature changes to work for you, check out the ScopeWatch.

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Are deer and horses related to each other in evolutionary terms?

Deer are ruminants, (animals with multi-chambered stomachs) that have cloven hooves more closely related to cattle and antelope than to horses (simple stomach with single hoof). Taxonomically they diverge from each other at the level of Order. Deer are order Cervidae, and horses are order Equidae.


What are the caribou's natural prey?

I'm going to go out on a limb (!) and say that it's GRASSES and sometimes the BARK of trees.

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Downloader Viruses

Why would you get returned virus messages?

It could be a scam. Sometimes malware will try to trick users in increasing the infection. Why do they do this? They do this because continuing the infection increases the chance the author of the malware will be able to steal personal information. My advice is you visit And run housecall. Housecall is a free online service that scans your computer for malware and will look for active malware and remove them for free.

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Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection

Virus messagesThis looks like the notorious "sobig" virus (W32.Sobig.F@mm) at work. It sends out infected messages with subject lines such as:

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What you're receiving aren't the virus messages themselves, they're bounce backs from the virus. Other people are receiving the virus with e-mail address as the return address. But this doesn't mean your computer is infected. This virus "spoofs" return addresses. In other words, it fakes where they come from.

Your address is being used, most likely, because it's in spammers' databases. Sleazy spammers get ahold of addresses by combing the Web and newsgroups looking for them.

To be sure your computer isn't infected, it wouldn't hurt to get Norton Anti-Virus, update it with the latest virus definitions, and run their special sobig virus checker.

More input from FAQ Farmers:

  • It could also be one of the Netsky worms.

How can you tell if a deer is shot at night?

You can't really, unless you've seen it done yourself. In most areas it's illegal to hunt at night anyway, so if you see a deer that has been shot, you can't really tell if it has indeed been shot at night or during the daytime.


Do deers eat apples off trees?

Yes, they will eat apples off of trees. They will stand on their hind legs to reach them.


Can you eat antelope?

Yes...antelope is very tasty...depending on the type and how it's prepared.


What is a feminine gender of deer?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.

The noun for a male deer is stag (buck, bull, or hart). The noun for a female deer is a doe (cow, or hind).


Do male deer have external testes?

Yes, anyone who has field dressed a deer can attest to this.


What do you call a reindeer herdsman?

santa :)

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Opposite gender of deer?

Deer is gender neutral, so there IS no opposite. Male deer are bucks, female does.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

Why is the philippine deer endangered?

The Philippine deer (Rusa marianna) is threatened by multiple factors, including loss of habitat, hunting, and the removal of animals for commercial purposes, such as the establishment of deer farms. Each of these factors is complex and has several causative agencies.

R. marianna's habitat is being reduced and destroyed by a combination of human encroachment (both by urban/commercial and agricultural development), mining, and illegal logging. It is also hunted intensively for its meat and hide, for sport, and for trophies, as well as for trade in all of these products. Laws protecting the species have not been consistently enforced.

Additionally, deer farms have been established, to which wild deer are removed for breeding and trade. This not only reduces the wild population of the species, but poses more insidious threats. Typically, other species of deer are kept along with R. marianna. This can introduce new microorganisms and parasites to the population, to which the resistance is low. In conditions of confinement, the spread of any infectious disease or parasite is facilitated. Finally, as the deer may not be separated by species and subspecies, the population can be threatened through hybridization with other kinds of deer.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) maintains a database, called the Red List of Threatened Species, which contains information on the threat level, conservation status, and the specific threats assessed to many species of animals and plants. R. marianna is currently listed as Vulnerable, meaning that it faces a high risk of extinction in the wild.


Why are deers and antelopes found together in herds?

It's referred to as "safety in numbers". With a large group it's harder for the predators to pick out individuals. Biggest advantage is during birthing season. The young animals are always vulnerable, but in a herd the females can synchronize the births. When there are more new born each day than the predators can handle more of them survive. If they were born at a steady trickle the predators could just pick off a few more each day.


What do you call a female deer sleep?



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