Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Can depression people work?


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yes; some1 with depression can work. I suffer from depression and work full time. There are time when antidepressants are required tho.


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About fifty percent were out of work during the great depression.

People moved west during the Great Depression because there were more work opportunities there.

The major recovery of the depression was engaging people to work in industries. The women were included in the work force which helped to rebuild the economy.

true or false most pepople of thge dreat depression had little desire to work

lots of people say that but its not actually true

Diet and depression can sometimes be linked. Obesity in turn can cause depression. Chocolate and relieve stress and depression too, but that wont work if you are depressed from being over weight.

Georgia O' Keefe did art work of people during the great depression, showing how people lived and how conditions were.

Lots of people didn't have jobs and money. Everyone was poor.

The period in the 1930s in which millions of people were out of work was the Great Depression. This was the decade that preceded World War II.

The Great Depression affected people that were poor, more than those who were wealthy. Families suffered from loss of income, job layoffs and women and children had to work also.

During the height of the great depression there were 11,385,000 people who were unemployed. This was almost 25% of the entire work force population.

a time when many people are out of work and business is poor

There weren't any jobs to get to..and kids walked to school.

In early 1938 12 million people were out of jobs. Which was 19% of the population.

They are both about people who are looking for work/home during the Depression.

people die from depression everyday sucide 850,000 die every year from depression.

Itinerant workers were people who moved around the country looking for work. A lot of people were itinerant workers during the great depression due to the mass unemployment.

It was one of the several federal WPA projects that gave people work and did things that people needed.

12,830,000 people were unemployed in the great depression

they didnt it was very hard for families to support one another

People who are happy are easier to like. Depression can cause your social life and your work life to suffer.

During the depression, Hitler's party, the Nazis promised that they would provide work for the mass unemployed. There were many people unemployed in the depression and they were desperate for work after all of the problems in the previous years. These were the first world war, hyperinflation and the attempted coups.

They created new jobs for people, and for those unemployed, they opened up work camps.

The key features of depression are an ongoing sad or low mood, loss of interest, fatigue, and loss of energy. People who are depressed may have a hard time going to work.

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