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Can diablo play on a Mac?


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Absolutely, although I recommend playing it on the PC, only for the dual mouse-button configuration, on the mac is is *click* and *ctrl&click* as opposed to *right-click* *left-click*


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You can purchase Diablo 3 for Mac computers online at the Diablo website; the hard copy version can also be purchased at most computer game stores.

Like the previous versions of Diablo, Blizzard will be releasing Diablo 3 on for both the PC an Mac platforms. The game is being planned for a simultaneous release on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Blizzard has also announced it has "no plans" to make the game available on other platforms - so the X-box games will have to break down and go to a regular computer if they want to play it...

yeah man diablo 2 is a totally different game than diablo 1

Yes it can but only on old operating systems.

amazon had it for 15 dollars now.

Apparently there was, I've only just heard about it.

Windows Vista can play Diablo 2 with no problems at all. Just install it normally and double click it and play, no harder than that.

Yes, of course people play Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. And most people probably will until the release of Diablo 3. And even then, people probably might still play it from time to time.

After you buy it from a store, it is free to play after that.

No, Diablo 3 has no subscription fee. It's free to play unless you use the RMAH.

Then you cant play on it that's sad. But if you get lvl 25+ then you will not get problems like that again Yours RixoZ In diablo Rixoz, i play in Europe

You have to buy the game in stores.

No. It is free to play.

Yes, Diablo is in Diablo 3.

you need expansion set and then you kill diablo talk to tyreal the archangel a portal will apperar go in it

It depends on your operating system.

If you have an Intel based mac install Windows in boot camp and then you can install DBO and play it on your mac

No, Diablo I has nothing to do with Diablo II.

Diablo 2 is an old game now, Windows 7 and Vista often struggle to play older games. However there are many patches online that can get not only Diablo 2, but even the original Diablo running on modern systems and Windows 7.

You just need to buy the game. There is no online fee. It is free to play. Diablo 3 is free to play. There are no monthly fees unless you decide to use the RMAH.

no, unless you have a mac converter.

No. Diablo 3 requires a constant internet connection, whether you intend to play single player or multiplayer.

It is not that the mac cannot play certain games. It is that the games are not written to by played on a mac. The software developers choose not to write a version that is compatible with mac.

yes... there are no restrictions if you play on a Mac or PC

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