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It is your style stick with your desicion

Diamonds could go with the dress,but its dependant on the overall image you want to give. I'd recommend something with studs to pair up with the dress. It'll give you a nice edgy look :)

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Q: Can diamonds be worn with a denim dress?
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What is a denim and diamonds function?

Denim and Diamonds was the name of one of President Clinton's inaugural galas.

What color of shoes match denim dress?

depends on what colour your denim dress is

Clothing items starting with D?

darionDress, dungareesdress· denims· derby hat· diaper· dinner jacket· dress· dungareesDress starts with the letter D, along with Dungarees.DressDressing gownDaiper (Napkin)Dress Suit· denims· derby hat· diaper· dinner jacket· dress· dungareesdrawers (underwear)dress?the answer is denim pantsDungarees (old fashioned word for pants)Dress, Dressing Gown, Diaper, DungareesDenimDungarees Dressde socks [haha]Dress, drawers,diaper, dungarees,dressing gown &cDressa dress.dungareesdressderby hatdenium jacketduster (long woman's coat)Dungarees, dressesDiamondsdunce hatsDillardserm i can think of a few..Dungareese.. (if that's how you spell it)DressDressing Gowni don't think there is anymore unless you are accepting stupid answers like duck hat?haha!Hope this was helpfuldressdressdressDress, shoesdressderby hatdungareesDr. Dentons (long underwear)denimDKNY, Dolce and GabanaDolche and GabanaDonkey jacket, denim jeans, dark blue socks.dungarees, denim jeans, dress, why?A dress!dungarees (another word for blue jeans)dressDickies (brand of work pants)denim jacketdenim jumperdenim skirtduster (long coat)Deck shoes, denims, derby hat, diaper, dinner jacket, dirndl (traditional Alpine dress), Dockers. doublet (man's snug-fitting jacket worn during middle ages), dress and dungarees are clothing items. They begin with the letter d.

What are words that you wear that start with the letter d?

- diamonds - denim - dentures

What kind of dress can never be worn?

An address is the kind of dress that can never be worn.

Something you wear that starts with the letter D?

Denim, Dress.

What should be worn to a nice restaurant?

For a female: Wear a dress but not too fancy (a simple white dress with a pattern). Also wear a jacket over top (like a denim jacket) and wear flats. If it's a really fancy restaurant then wear heels.

What is something you wear starting with the letter D?

Some things you can wear starting with D are:deck shoesdenimdiamondsdiaperdickeydirndl (type of skirt)dockersdrainpipe trousersdressdress shoesdressing gownDuckhead branddudsdungarees

What are the definition of a priests dress?

A dress worn by a priest.

What do you wear to a diamonds and denim party given by a black person?

Women: Dark denim jeans or skirt and a fabulous top; denim dress or pantsuit with great shoes and finish it off with diamond earrings, bracelet, a great right hand ring or a fabulous necklace. Men: Dark denim jeans with a classic button down french cuff shirt and finish it off with diamond accent cuff links, watch or necklace. Most importantly- Don't over do it.

What gem most worn by royals?


Past tense of wear?

worn Also, "wore", as in "I wore my blue dress yesterday." To use "worn" in a sentence, "I had already worn my blue dress."

How do you use the word worn in a sentence?

The dress was well worn.He was worn out after a day at the gym.I have never worn this dress before.

What are the release dates for Studio 3 Hollywood Up Close - 2012 Denim and Diamonds 5-1?

Studio 3 Hollywood Up Close - 2012 Denim and Diamonds 5-1 was released on: USA: 4 December 2013

What unit awards can be worn on the army dress blues?

Dress blues and dress greens are set up the same way, so any unit award you have that can be worn on your greens can also be worn on your blues.

What kind of dress could not be worn?

a bin liner dress

What is something you wear that begins with the letter D?

down coat, dress, denim,

Clothing you wear that starts with d?

dress; dungarees; decoletage; denim; dicky;

What are the release dates for Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee - 2003 Denim and Diamonds 9-5?

Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee - 2003 Denim and Diamonds 9-5 was released on: USA: 25 August 2007

What kind of pants were first worn during the California gold rush?

Denim jeans

When is it ok to wear denim on denim?

Formula is to combine A heavy washed out , bleached look denim shirt or a dress with a DEEPER indigo bottom or a RAW BLUE JEANS, It gives a classic , premium ,chic look!

Where can one find a denim dress?

Denim dresses tend to go in and out of fashion. Currently short denim dresses can be found at Next, New Look and Primark, or one could get a maxi version from Oasis or Wallis.

What bottoms do you wear with a denim jacket?

Jeans are best, But black pants are good too. ~ I think it looks nice when people wear a dress with a denim jacket but if its a bit colder, I suggest you wear some leggings underneath the dress.

Should you ever wear a denim top and denim bottom together?

Wearing a denim top and denim bottom together is often called "double denim" or "denim on denim". Traditionally, this has been described as a fashion faux pax. In short, it was traditionally viewed as something that should not be worn together. In recent years, however, there have been split opinions within the fashion industry. For example, in the 2010 Spring edition of Vogue, models were featured wearing double denim while standing next to a motorbike. In a way, it portrayed double denim as a "rock chic" look. Personally, I would never wear double denim as I simply do not enjoy the look. i enjoy having some contrast between what I wear on top and what I wear on the bottom. However, just because I wouldn't do it does not mean that you shouldn't. Be creative and dress how you want to!

Is their a special dress worn by Jews?

No no no no no no no no