Can diphtheria recur?

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Previous infection may not prevent against future infection.
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What is diphtheria?

Diphtheria is a contagious bacteria that can lead to sore throat,low-grade fever, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, enlarged lymphnodes on your neck, a grayish membrane may f

How does diphtheria reproduce?

by spliting apart in to new cells and gorwing then spliting then growing then spliting then growing and OS on and so on and so on

What is diphtheria caused by?

It is caused by the anaerobic bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae. It may be spread by direct physical contact or through breathing air around infected people.

What are the symptoms of diphtheria?

Answer : The symptoms are fever, red sore throat, headaches, and weakness. How diphtheria is toxin (poison) is destroys the throat tissue causing the throat to swell. Answ

What is caused by 'diphtheria'?

Diphtheria is a contagious disease spread by direct physical contact or breathing the aerosolized secretions of infected individuals. Symptoms include fatigue, fever, a mild s

What is recurence?

Recurrence means happening or taking place again.

How is diphtheria prevented?

By giving vaccination as children adolescents and adults from ages 11-64 receive a booster does of pertussis vaccine at the time they receive their diphtheria and tetanus boos
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How is diphtheria diagnosed?

to rule out other diseases that may cause fever and sore throat, such as infectious mononucleosis, a sinus infection, or strep throat. The most important single symptom that s
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What is nasal diphtheria?

Nasal diphtheria produces few symptoms other than a watery or bloody discharge. On examination, there may be a small visible membrane in the nasal passages.
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What is pharyngeal diphtheria?

Pharyngeal diphtheria gets its name from the pharynx, which is the part of the upper throat that connects the mouth and nasal passages with the voice box. This is the most com
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What is the prognosis for diphtheria?

who develop myocarditis may be treated with oxygen and with medications to prevent irregular heart rhythms. An artificial pacemaker may be needed. Patients with difficulty swa
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How diphtheria is cause?

Diphtheria is an infection causedby the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae