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Yes, but they can also be symptoms of ovulation (releasing an egg). take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

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Q: Can dizziness tiredness and white discharge be a sign of early pregnancy?
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Is tiredness a sign of early pregnancy?


Is discharge a early symptom of pregnancy?


Is milky white vaginal discharge a early sign of pregnancy?

no it is not an early sign of pregnancy

Can brown discharge be an early symptom of pregnancy?

Brown discharge can indicate pregnancy, but it can also mean that you have a water infection. See your Doctor.

What's an early sign of pregnancy?

Missed period , cramping, tiredness, feeling or being sick.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms three days after sex and having brown discharge?

Three days after sex would be too early for most pregnancy symptoms to begin (eg. sickness, dizziness) however brown discharge could be a sign of implantation (where the fertilised egg implants in the uterus lining). I suggest taking a pregnancy test in 3 weeks time

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

dizziness, vomiting, sensitivity in relation to food, temperate and laziness.

Is it normal to have white discharge in early pregnancy?

Yes very normal. In fact its a pregnancy symptom.

What type of discharge would you have in early pregnancy?

You have increased discharge and it's not unlike ovulation mucous, although that does vary

How do you know when you are prego?

Tender breasts, tiredness, nausea, backaches, headaches, and darkening of nipples are early signs of pregnancy

Can early pregnancy cause nausea and dizziness?

Yes, for some women it can. It is worth talking to your midwife or doctor about it though, because it could be a sign of anaemia. Nausea and dizziness is quite common throughout pregnancy.

Early pregnancy vaginal yellow discharge?

Could it possibly be a yeast infection?

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