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Can dogs eat fish?

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no they cant they will get very sick

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Can dogs eat gefilte fish?

It's not recommended that dogs eat gefilte fish as this dish contains a lot of onion which is a toxin for dogs.

Do dogs eat all fish?

Well, they eat most fish, but I dont think they eat all fish.

Can dogs have tilapia fish?

no dogs could not eat this kinda of fish it damages there stomach lol jk idk if they can eat it

Is a dog a fish?

no dogs are not fishs, but ask yourself these questions:Do dogs look like fis?Do dogs eat fish food?think about it not dogs are not fish.

Do dogs eat birds and fish?


Can dogs eat fish bones?


Do dogs eat hamsters and fish?


Did the pilgrams in Massachusetts eat fish?

Yes they eat fish and weinner as in hot dogs

Do fish eat hot dogs other than fish food?

Yeaah i feed my fish hot dogs everyday.

Does bald eagles eat dogs and cats?

no they eat fish

Can dogs eat fish or chicken?


What did Tocabaga Indians eat?


Is tuna fish safe for dogs to eat?


Do African wild dogs eat fish?


Can chow chows eat fish?

Yes. All dogs can eat fish, but some raw fish may contain dangerous bacteria.

Can dogs eat fish sticks or fish portions that are cooked?

It depends on the breed of the dog.

Do dogs like fish?

Yes they love it! If you have a fish tank or bowl no but they eat it cooked.

What do cats eat that dogs dont?

Milk, Fish or fish bones, Cat food.

Can dogs eate cuttle fish bone?

Dogs should never eat fish bones. Choking and digestive problems can occur.

What did the Mono Indians eat?

fish. dogs, buffalo, and salmon

Can dogs eat whole fish raw?

he can but he can get very sick

Do dogs eat fish loaf?

yes, bones and all(:

What do sled dogs eat for a cold snack?

frozen fish

Are dogs fish?

No, dogs are not fish. Dogs are mammals.Dogs are dogs and fish are fish. But dogs do fishing, I mean they can catch fish if they want.

What can't dog eat?

dogs can manly eat evrything exept fish bones