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Can domestic finches and parakeets live in the same cage?


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2014-08-25 20:31:55
2014-08-25 20:31:55

I absolutely would not recommend keeping finches and budgies together. You should keep birds of the same species or at least family together. Finches are much smaller than budgies, and cannot defend themselves should the budgie decide to attack. Budgies can take off a finch's foot or beak. The same goes for keeping budgies with birds bigger then them. Budgies can suffer a similar fate, with missing toes and beaks, from a bird only a little bigger than them, such as a cockatiel. It is not a good idea. I have experience both personally and professionally with birds.

I agree as well. If you want a community time aviary, you need to keep the same time of species or family together like she said . Just an example would be finches , canary , and a diamond dove. If you have questions about the species family look it up or just look at the beaks!! They all have similar beaks.


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more info: i was given 2 zebra finches in a cage. i traded the finches for a parakeet, keeping the cage. the petstore told me that parakeets need cages with horizontal bars, so they can climb easier; the cage i have has vertical bars. i've noticed my keet does slide down the wires. ... should i get a different cage? thanks

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Possibly Finches but I wouldn't Highly recomend it

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Yes, but it depends on how large the cage is. I bought 2 parakeets and a cage and they seem to be doing fine. The cage however was a good size and was around 35 dollars. I bought the parakeets and supplies from Petco.

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As long as they have the proper cage size, yes

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No, unless you live in an area where parakeets are indigenous, then they will probably die since they are not in their environment.

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