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No. Dragons can't fly without wings, but most do have wings, and can fly. Some may have no wings, gor example the Chinese dragon, but I don't think they can fly.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-31 22:53:52
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Q: Can dragons fly if they don't have wings?
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Do Japanese Dragons fly or walk?

they fly because they have wings they fly because they have wings they fly because they have wings they fly because they have wings

How do dragons fly without wings?

dragons fly by stomping the air and finding an air current and wriggling its body and glide with their little wings

Do dragons use their wings to fly?

yes of course

Do bea rded dragons fly?

No, bearded dragons are incapable of flying for they are not magical, or have wings.

Did dragons fly?

Mythical dragons are often drawn with wings. Actual dragons, such as the Komodo Dragon, only fly caged in the cargo hold of airplanes.

Can dragons fly without wings?

Ha well a "Dragonfly" can! But if your talking about the mythical dragons, no. but there are different advantages they have like larger claws, and their ground features (Not wings) will enhance.

Why ant cannot fly?

They dont have wings

How could dragons fly without wings?

They would have to book a flight on a commercial airline.

Why can't cows fly?

they dont even have wings

What happenes if I fly after taking ecstasy.?

you cant fly ? your not a bird? you dont have wings -_-

What are Dragons with wings and legs called Eastern or Western Dragons?

If your talking about the big scaly ones that breath fire and look like lizards with gargoyle wings, those are western dragons. Eastern dragons are the ones that look like snakes with the weird heads, that can't breath fire and have no wings, but can still fly. Weird....

Does silverfish have wings?

No, they dont have wings and they dont fly, they just glide in air with the help of their body shape and flow of water.

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