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Can driniking alcohol while you have a cold make it worse?

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It depends. One or two beers or small glasses of wine won't hurt and in fact may have a slight benefit since you'll be more relaxed. More than that starts causing harm.

2008-02-12 14:56:30
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Q: Can driniking alcohol while you have a cold make it worse?
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Can drinking cold liquids while you have a cold make it worse?

No, of course not!

Does sugar make a cold worse?

Yes when you take sugar when you have a cold, it will make your cold worse.

Can you drink alcohol while taking cold medicine?

sure why not go ahead.. it will make you feel better... if the meds dont the alcohol will!

Can a bad cold be made worse by just conceiving?

no a bad cold can't be made worse by conceiving

Does cold wet winter weather make gout symptoms worse?

Does the cold make gout worse

Finish this joke what worse then a bee with a cold?

What is worse than a bee with a cold? A bee covered in hives.

If you go swimming will it make your cold symptoms worse?

swimming can make your cold worse but it can be benifactual if you have a blocked nose,

Does cold temperature increases arthritis?

No, while the cold can make one more aware of a painful joint at times it wont bring on or make the affects of the disease worse.

Can you use alcohol to treat a cold sore?

Alcohol won't treat a cold sore.

What alcohol rhymes with cold?

Um .... OLD alcohol?

Does smoking make a cold sore worse?

Smoking may slow the healing process, and often makes the cold sore worse.

If you have a cold and you swim does it get worse?

If you are cold your body has a harder time trying to fight off infection. so if you swim in warm water then no, it will not get worse. however if you swim in cold water you may stay sick for longer. it would be rare for a cold to get worse though, just a longer duration.

Why alcohol is use in thermometer?

to see how hot or cold the alcohol is!!

Why do you stay at home and sleep all day but your cold gets worse and worse?


What does salt do to a cold sore?

Salt will make a cold sore hurt worse.

What is the worse disease you can get?

the common cold. =D

Is cold worse than heat?


Can you drink alcohol after a filling?

Yes you can, the tooth may be sensitive to the cold liquids for a little while but other than that you will be totally fine!!

Why does alcohol creates coldness on the skin?

Because it evaporates faster than water, and leaves a sensation of cold while doing so.

Why does alcohol feel cold?

when splashed on your skin alcohol feels cold because that's the molecules of alcohol taking energy form you(in this case thermal energy) to evaporate

Is it true that you shouldn't eat dairy if you have a cold?

No. From Parent Life tips website: "Many parents believe that feeding a child milk while they have a cold will increase mucus production and make the cold worse. This, however, is not true. While dairy products may coat the back of the throat, they do not increase mucus production, and are therefore fine to consume during a cold."

Does drinking beer when you have a cold make your cold worse?

yes it weakens your immune system..

Will being out in the cold make tonsillitis worse?


Why add alcohol in DNA extraction lab?

Because the cold alcohol reduces the solubility (ability to dissolve) of DNA. It makes the DNA stay intact while the proteins and lipids dissolve or break down.

Does smoking make a cold worse?

well... depends what you means by worse, from my experience if i smoke When i have a cold. it makes the coughing worse at the time. however, the cold itself (sneezing, head aches, runny nose) doesnt get worse. the smoking will just make the cough last longer. so the cold may only last 4 days but the coughing will last 8 days! my advice is, if you want to smoke whilst you have a cold. dont smoke as much as you normally would!