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Yes, they can help lower insurance rates, but not usually by a lot. Also female insurance rates are usually lower than male ones.

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Q: Can driver's ed lower insurance rates?
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Do woman have cheaper car insurance rates then men?

Most people say women are less aggressive drivers and they are safer so they have lower rates most of the time. However, taking Driver's Ed can help lower your insurance rate as well even if your aren't a women.

How many drivers attend the drivers ed program?

Not nearly as many drivers take drivers ed now as in the past since it really isn't required. However it is a useful class and it can even lower your car insurance price if you take it!

If I'm 16 do I have to take a drivers ed class to get my drivers license in Ohio?

No, but you should, it will lower your insurance alot...and weather you think so or not, it will make you a better driver.

Can you get insurance in the state of Arizona without taking Drivers Ed?


In Washington state can you get your license when your 18 if you didn't take drivers ed?

Yes you can get your license when your 18 in Washington state if you didnt take a drivers education class. Your insurance rates will be higher. Drivers education is required for people Under the age of 18 to get their license

When you take drivers ed you get a cheap insurance rate how long does this rate last?

until you need to use your insurance

Do you have to take driver's ed in Oregon?

You do not have to take drivers ed in Oregon. You have to drive more in order to get your drivers license, and you pay more for insurance with out it. But you dont need to take.

What's the lowest rate for car insurance in Camden, NJ?

Ed Ramming Insurance in Camden, NJ has the lowest rates in Camden NJ.

Does my daughter need to take drivers ed?

No, she does not. If you feel comfortable teaching her how to drive. She does not need to, but it will be an insurance deduciton.

Can a 15 year old take drivers ed while home schooling through the computer?

You need to check your local state laws concerning the age requirements. Typically, the answer is yes, there are several online drivers ed packages that are fully interactive for drivers education. The added bonus is some offer additional content about defensive driving and safety information, this in turn can benefit the teen in lower insurance rates and personal safety. However, the learners permit and practical driving lessons will need to be taken out of the homeschool environment.

How much is car insurance for sixteen year old girl?

Depends on your state and if you have taken a drivers ed class.

If you take a Drivers ED class by how much will my insurance go down?

Check with your parents insurance company. Most states require the class just to get a license..

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