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Yes, of course.

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Q: Can drugs cause health problems
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What is the worst thing drugs can do to your brain?

The worst thing drugs can do is to cause death. Drugs can cause brain damage and many other health and social problems. Some may say that damage done by drugs is worse that death because it lasts the rest of your life.

Can termites cause health problems?

Can terminate health problems

Do drugs cause mental problems?


Can hiccup cause a health problem?

intractable hiccups, which are hiccups that last months, can cause health problems and may be a sign of serious health problems.

Do people get fever and chills from drugs?

Yes drugs are a bad idea and will give you serious health problems

What are the causes and effects of drugs in our health?

Drug addicts undergo numerous economic, social and health problems.

Does balumia cause health problems?

does ir it cause seiziers

How do prescription medicine affect health?

Sometimes the prescription drugs can cause just as much problems as the problem itself! You have to weigh it out!

Does bullying cause health poroblems?

Any stress, including bullying, may cause health problems.

Can sucking breasts cause health problems?

It can cause priapism in males, especially if the woman's breasts whom are being sucked, are attractive. If the woman is married it can cause health problems for her and the suckee.

What problems do gangs cause?

arson graffiti drugs death and riots.

What health problems can large amountS of crisps EATING cause?

hearing problems