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yes yes they can

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Q: Can ducklings be in a room with an air conditioner?
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Why is the humidity in the room when air conditioner is running?

Why is there humidity in the room when air conditioner is cooling? Room feels damp.

What do rac stand for?

Room Air Conditioner...........

How an air conditioner works to cool down the room?

By bringing warm air outside the room

Does split ac throw fresh air in the room?

A basic split air conditioner recirculates cool air in to the room.

Why is my room air conditioner putting out a haze?

A room air conditioner will being putting out a haze if the air contains high levels of humidity. The mixture of cold and warm air will produce visible water vapor.

How can an air conditioner also cool a room?

ur an idiot

How do you cool off a room?

Buy an air conditioner. Another way is to put fans in the room and get the air circulating

How much space can a room air conditioner cool?

How much space a room air conditioner can cool is dependent on the size of the unit. You can read the amount on the side of the box if you are not sure.

How much is a window air conditioner at a pawn shop?

How much for a GE room air conditioner?

What happens when the air conditioner unit stops working?

The room air temperature increases.

Can a central air conditioner be installed in a house that currently uses room air conditioners?

Yes, a central air conditioner can be installed in a house that currently uses room air conditioners as long as there is a place to put the fan outdoors.

Why are air conditioners placed high on walls and not on the ground?

Because the cool air from the air conditioner is denser than the warm air in the room and sinks. Placed high up the cool air will have time to get further from the air conditioner before it settles to the floor, allowing it to cool more of the room. Placed on the floor the cool air will mostly pool around the air conditioner and very little of the room will be cooled. Some air conditioner are actually placed relatively low in a room, but they have fans and baffles that blow the cold air upwards to the ceiling resulting in the same effect as placing the air conditioner high (maybe even better as the fan blows the cool air not only up to the ceiling but across it, possibly covering a larger volume of the room than cool air falling passively from an air conditioner placed high but without fans).

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