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Cornflour and Cornstarch

Can eating cornstarch give you clogged arteries?

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No. Clogged arteries are caused by too much 'bad' cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood...nothing to do with cornstarch.

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Fast food what can it do?

Fast food can give you E coli or Somenella eventually if you eat to much you can get clogged arteries and have a heart attack.

Can a hamster take a bath in cornstarch?

yes, i havent tried it yet, but sometimes i give a cornstarch ( cornflour ) bath to my mice, and read on a couple of sites that you can and its safe! have fun :)

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Can obesity give you an eating disorder?

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What is the amount of muscle in veins and arteries?

The amount of muscle in veins and arteries varies in the sense that arteries are more muscular than veins to give them extra elasticity and strength to deal with surges of blood.

Is cornstarch unhealthy or harmful to the body?

It depends on how much you eat. For example, If you eat 1 or 2 boxes of cornstarch a month then no it won't cause any health problems. But if you consume a box or so a day then yes. If you eat cornstarch constantly and don't give it time to digest in your body then you develop health problems such as diabetes or blood clots. It usually takes about 2 hours for cornstarch to completely digest in the human body therefore if you plan on eating cornstarch raw then at least don't eat any for an entire day(24 hours);to keep your body healthy and have a much lower percent chance of developing any health problems. In most cases cornstarch is a substitute for flour because it thickens better and contains no gluten so it's much healthier than flour; however, arrowroot can be substituted without the same detrimental effects to one's blood sugar as those caused by cornstarch. Neither cornstarch nor arrowroot have any nutritional benefits, so if this is the only thing one were to consume, s/he would end up having some serious malnutrition problems. Complusively eating purified starch is a form of pica, a medical disorder.

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Eating ice does not cause diabetes

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Can Flour be substituted instead of cornstarch?

Yes, you can use flour for thickening soups, sauces and gravies instead of cornstarch, but it takes longer to cook than cornstarch. Also it does not mix with water as smoothly as cornstarch and easily gets lumpy. It does form a smooth paste when mixed with oil or melted butter or fat. To mix flour smoothly with water put flour and cold water in a jar, place the lid on and the give the jar a vigorous shake.

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