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Microwaved Foods Dangerous?I have heard studies about microwaving food in plastic containers - you shouldn't do that because certain toxins are released into the food which may be linked to cancer. Always cook your food in a dish rather than plastic of any kind.

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I have also read in Prevention magazine (cannot think of the issue) that it is better to cook foods in an oven or on the stove top rather than nuke it in the microwave. Microwaves kill 80% more of the nutrients in vegetables/fruits when heated than a steamer on the stove top. The microwave energy within the microwave is hazardous, but very little gets out, so it is not a concern. As far as plastics and micros, the results are inconclusive, some studies say they are bad, some don't find any negative effects. I personally only use glass, ceramic, and paper in the micro. Most experts agree that the micro does not affect the nutritional value of food. To my knowledge, NO study has found a link between microwaving food and cancer. If one does, I'm sure it will make the evening news.

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Microwaves, are nonionizing energy. They are much less powerful in effect and do not have sufficient energy to dislodge electrons from atoms, which is why man has felt relatively free to utilize this form of energy for its beneficial advantages.

In a microwave oven very little of the energy goes to waste heating the oven or the air within it, as happens in conventional cooking. Also, very little goes to waste heating the cooking containers because in microwave cooking you use glass, paper, or plastic, all of which simply allow microwaves to pass through them, neither absorbing nor reflecting them. So when a small amount of food receives the full brunt of the microwaves' power, it cooks very quickly. Industry uses microwaves to dry potato chips, to roast nuts, beans and coffee, to raise bread and doughnuts, and to precook bacon. They are also used to dry yarn, wood, paints, paper, leather, tobacco, pencils, textiles, match heads, and to cure rubber, nylon, urethane, and rayon. Many companies, such as banks, newspapers, and airlines, now use cathode-ray-tube video display units, called VDT's, which employ microwaves.


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