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No. While tornadoes are usually accompanied by lightning and can sometimes produce static discharges, electricity has nothing to do with the way they work.

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Tornadoes can happen anywhere in the United States. The most tornadoes happen in a place called 'Tornado Alley'. Tornadoes can be very dangerous.

Tornadoes can happen anywhere in the US. But there is a Tornado Alley. Tornadoes are more common to happen in Tornado Alley.

tornadoes happen everywhere,so they can happen in pennsyvania

Tornadoes happen every year.

Tornadoes can happen just about anywhere in the world.

Yes. Tornadoes are not common in Idaho, but they do happen.

Tornadoes happen in Miami for the same reason they happen anywhere else. See the related question for how tornadoes form in general.

Tornadoes happen in Africa because of the mountains they have or because of the weather.

Tornadoes can happen in Ottawa. Canada does get tornadoes, though not as often as the U.S. due to its cooler climate.

Yes. Tornadoes, including some significant ones, can and do happen the the Philippines.

Yes, tornadoes can happen at any time as long as the weather is right.

Tornadoes happen in both northern and southern California.

Tornadoes happen in the summer every year.

Most tornadoes in the U.S. happen in spring and early summer.

Tornadoes can happen anywhere - they're usually formed from severe thunderstorms.

Tornadoes happen mainly in Tornado Alley in the US. But tornadoes can happen anywhere. It is just more likely in Tornado Alley.

Yes. Tornadoes happen just about everywhere.

Yes, tornadoes can happen almost anywhere.

No. Tornadoes do happen in Hawaii but they are rare.

No. Tornadoes can happen anywhere in Nebraska.

Sicily Tornadoes happened in 1851.

Tornadoes happen in all seasons but are most common in the spring.

well tornadoes can happen anywhere any time so yes

Tornadoes do not happen IN the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical storms and hurricanes happen in the Gulf of Mex, but not tornadoes. Tornado-like features over water are called waterspouts.

The majority of U.S. tornadoes happen in Tornado Alley. However worldwide tornadoes are found in many regions,, though a large portion of these tornadoes are not documented.

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