Can elements be brought together to make different kinds of matter?


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Yes, by the intermedate of chemical reactions.

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The class of matter in which there are 106 different varieties is elements.

Two or more elements that are chemically joined together is a compound, I think.

Matter is the atom- different elements for different items, however, but all made up of atoms.

Sounds like the elements to me. yes the elements

Because the elements can combine to form a multitiude of different compounds.

adhesion is the attraction which allows molecules of different kinds of matter to stick together!

Yes, using the valence electrons atoms of elements can join/bond to other atoms to create compounds having very different properties than those of the elements that made them.

Yes, this process is called fusion. It is used in stars and that is the reason we have elements above hydrogen which is the most basic and abundant of elements because it does not need to be made.

Different kinds of matter that become mixed together completely are called solutions. Solutions can not be separated from each other.

Element: each of the 118 chemical elements Compound: the molecule containing two or more different elements Mixture: a mix of different compounds

No, It doesn't matter if the rooster and the hen are different breeds. They will live happily together.

A matter of opinion, but most people say that, while individual elements came from a diverse variety of people, Black Sabbath were the ones that brought it all together and added some of their own to create metal.

Molecules are made of more two or more atoms joined together. The atoms can be same or different elements. A single molecule is the smallest piece of matter.

Only 94 chemical elements (from hydrogen to plutonium).

Letters are the building blocks of words, and elements are the building blocks of all matter.

How are matter and elements related ? Elements are the building blocks of all matter. Simply speaking; matter is used to create atoms. Atoms are used to create the elements.

Pure elements are combined together to form molecules.

The matter for most elements is a solid.

It the same way that 26 letters of the Roman alphabet can be combined together to make all the words in the English language - and similarly for most other languages - elements can be combined to make compounds. Elements and compounds can form mixtures and these three types account for most normal matter.

The different states are generally given in different colour. Solid elements in black colour, Liquid in blue and gaseous elements in red.

natural element differ for elements because elements or atoms are a basic unit of matter that cosists of negitively changed electrons

They are related because atoms are made of matter,elements are made of atoms,and matter is made up of elements.

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