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When each object has the same energy, energy transfer can still occur between objects. The object with the greatest mass or traveling speed will transfer the energy.

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Why heat transfer happen?

heat transfer happens because objects that have energy, meaning vibrating atoms will bump against others and transfer the energy to the other atoms and so on. and also because things always have a tendency to have more entropy as time passes.

What energy transfer happen when you plug in a blender?

Electricla Energy becomes kinetic energy and sound energy

Transfer of energy from wind to the waves?

Yes, it does happen. What is the question?

Why do appliances need to transfer energy?

nothing can happen without energy being transferred

Why does thermal energy transfer by conduction or convection cannot happen in space?

Convection is transfer of thermal energy using particlesConduction is the transfer of thermal energy through a solidRadiation is the transfer of energy using the waves ex.The waves from the sun in space

Gas is burnt to cook a meal is it an energy conversion or an energy transfer?

How does it happen? If there's a chemical change, it's energy conversion, if it's a physical change, it's energy transfer.

What stops heat transfer?

If heat is being transferred by conduction, separating the two objects will stop heat transfer by that means.If heat transfer is by convection, stopping the flow of fluid between two objects will eliminate that means of heat transfer. One notable way of doing that is to interpose a vacuum between the two objects.If heat transfer is by radiation, the energy has to be sent out by the source and absorbed by the sink without interruption. If that can be interrupted then that can't happen. Some ways of achieving this areplace a non-transparent barrier between the source and sink - of course if the barrier absorbs the heat and then re-radiates it out the other side you still have heat transfermake the surface of the sink perfectly reflective - in which case no energy would be absorbed and thus no heat transfer would occur. Note that getting perfect reflectivity is impossible as far as we know.separate the source and the sink an infinite distance such that attenuation of the transmitted energy would reduce it to zero. Of course we don't have infinite distance to work with so that will only work for a thought experiment.Of course in all cases if the temperatures of two objects are the same, no heat transfer will occur no matter what mode of heat transfer you are considering.

What needs to happen for thermal energy to be transferred and what needs to happen at thermal equilibrium?

You have to have two objects at different temperatures near each other, when two or more objects have the same temperature.

What will happen when you put objects of different temperatures next to one another?

Heat energy will be transferred from the hotter objects to cooler objects until they are all at the same temperature.

What are the examples of heat energy?

Heat energy involves the transfer of energy from a hotter body to a colder one. This can happen via radiation, conduction, or convective circulation.

If two objects at different temperatures come in contact with each other what will happen?

it's sort of like diffusion, the object with the higher temperature will transfer its energy through conduction to the cooler object. after long enough, they will have the same temperature.

Does radiation require a heated liquid to transfer energy.?

No. Radiated energy is electromagnetic radiation and can travel through a vacuum. The method of heat transfer in a heated liquid is convection, though it can also happen in a gas.

How does energy transfer happen in an earthquake?

Energy is transferred during earthquakes by mechanical waves that travel through the earth. These are known as seismic waves.

What would happen to the force of gravity between 2 objects if their masses remained constant but their distance between them decreased?

The force of gravity between two objects will increase if their distances decrease. The force of gravity or proportional to the objects' masses, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

Where the energy transfer happen when earth matieral increases in temperature when put under a lamp?

Energy is transferred from the photons in the light to the molecules of the earth material.

What will happen if mechanical energy suddenly disappears?

It doesn't quite make sense for that to happen. Obviously it doesn't make sense from the point of view of energy conservation. Also, mechanical energy consists of kinetic energy - so all objects would suddenly have to stop moving. Mechanical energy also consists of potential energy (including gravitational potential energy), so all objects would suddenly have to be at the lowest possible gravitational potential - presumably, all objects in the Universe would have to come together into a black hole or something like that.

What must happen for carbon dioxide to sublimate at a given pressure?

Energy must transfer to the carbon dioxide from its surroundings

What would happen ti the electrostatic force on 2 objects if the distance between them doubled?

it would act as if two electrostaticly charged objects were seperated.

Where does the transfer of energy from the high-energy electrons in hydrogen to the ATP occur?

These transfers of energy happen inside each cell. It is stored in plant cells by cellular respiration, which is the process by which plants gain energy.

Why cant energy travel by conduction through empty space?

Conduction can only happen between stuff that touch each other. In empty space, Nothin is touching anything, so there can't be any transfer.

What has to happen to make sounds travel?

Atoms transfer sound energy through vibrations. If there are no atoms, such as in a vacuum, sounds cannot be transmitted.

Do ghost move objects and shut doors?

It is rare because it takes a lot of energy for a spirit to do physically move an object, but it does happen.

What will happen if the the same charged object come together?

The electrostatic forces between two objects that have the same kind of charge act in the direction to push the objects apart.

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