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only some by moving there flagellum back and forth

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How does Eubacteria move?

eubacteria can move

Do eubacteria move?

Yes, eubacteria do move. On their own. :) Hope that helps.

How does the eubacteria Bacillus subtilis move?

they move by swinging their body up and down

Does eubacteria move?

yes im carmelo hello olga

Characteristic of eubacteria?

Eubacteria are a type of bacteria found in the human body. They have strong cell walls and some are able to move around with flagella.

How do eubacteria move?

Some have flagella that allow them move in twisting motion, some can move by themselves by gliding some don't move at all!!

Do eubacteria move or not move?

Im pretty sure that all bacteria moves. Both Archae and Eu.

Does eubacteria have a cell wall or cell membrane?

it has a cell wall that helps it move

What does eubacteria eat?

What does eubacteria eat

What are the advantages of eubacteria?

who dicovered eubacteria

What is the scientific name of eubacteria?


Are eubacteria eukaryotes?

No, eubacteria are prokaryotes.

Why is eubacteria named eubacteria?


Is the kingdom eubacteria eukaryote?

Eubacteria are prokaryotic.

Is staphylococcus an archea bacteria or eubacteria?


Is eubacteria prokaryotic?

Eubacteria is in fact prokaryotic.

Is Eubacteria prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Eubacteria is prokaryotic.

Are eubacteria prokaryotes?

Yes, Eubacteria are prokaryotes.

Is Eubacteria a producer?

some Eubacteria is producers

Is eubacteria eukaryotic?

No in fact eubacteria is prokaryotic.

Does eubacteria have eukaryotic cell?

No, eubacteria are prokaryotes.

How are Eubacteria classified?

Eubacteria is classified by the way they get food?

Is eubacteria autotrophic?

eubacteria is both heterotrophic and autotrophic.

Is salmonella eubacteria?

Yes, salmonella is caused by eubacteria.

Is Eubacteria single celled?

Eubacteria are single-celled.

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