WWE Smackdown vs. Raw

Can everybody steal finishers in smackdown vs raw 2010?


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2009-12-29 23:11:34
2009-12-29 23:11:34

no only superstars with that ability

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You can create: WWE Storyline finishers signatures people tag teams and entrences

yes you can by typing in yoyo caracters

Suplex into table, pedigree into table, suplex from top rope into table.... Chokeslam into table.... drop toehold into table and many more

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Select "Create Modes" Click on "Create a "Move-set" Select Superstar if you want to change a REAL wrestlers finisher or select created superstar if you want to change a created superstars finisher. Choose the character who's finisher is gonna be changed Go on special moves, select finishers and there you go, you can change them!

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