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An ex wife who never remarried is able to collect social security benefits from an ex husband who has died. This is true even if the ex husband took his own life as long as he paid into the system.

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Q: Can ex wife who never remarried collect social security benefit if ex husband took his own life?
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Can you collect social security from ex-husband if remarried?

yes you can

Can you draw social security off your ex husband if remarried?


Would I be able to collect on my first husband's social security when I reach retirement age we were married for eighteen years he remarried in 1993 and I plan to remarry next year?

No, your social security entitlements are individual to you, you can only benefit from your husbands if he dies while you are married. If you had any children with your first husband you may be entitled to security points while you were looking after them, you need to check up on this. (By the way this is relevant to the UK only)

What happen if you get married and you get social security not social security disability?

In this case you should notify the Social Security Office of your marriage. it might increase the amount of your social security benefit's, if your husband or wife also collect social security payments.

Can a husband collect social security on a death of a wife?

yes they can

Does the ex wife and the widowed wife receive the same Social Security benefit?

If my ex-husband passed away were married 23 years and he remarried and has only been married two years who is entitled to his Social Security the ex-wife or the wife

How many years do you have to be married to collect your husband's social security?


Can a divorced women who is not remarried draw on her ex husband's Social Security if they were married less than 10 years?


What age can you collect dead husband social security and how much?

go to!

When can I collect my deceased husband's social security?

after you produce a death cert. and apply for it.

Is Christa McAuliffe husband remarried?

Yes, He remarried in 1992

Can a husband continue to collect his wife's social security after her death?

No. To do so would be a crime.

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