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Absolutely, once she gets her period all they need is a sperm donor!

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Q: Can females get pregnant during puberty?
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What changes occur to females during puberty?

The main changes include larger breasts, hair starting to develop around the vagina, periods, and the ability to get pregnant.

What are the mental changes for females during puberty?

changes is thoughts'moods,desires

What are the changes that females have during puberty?

Your breast grows, and you get your first period.

What is puberty in a females body?

It is where you have your Period and bled for a week or so and at that time u can have sex and get pregnant

What two endocrine glands mature during puberty allowing the human to reproduce?

The testis in males mature during puberty. In females it is the ovaries that mature.

When does a female's voice become higher?

It doesn't. Females voiced don't change during puberty. Males voices become deeper during puberty.

What hormone causes the development of breast and hips in females during puberty?


How does puberty effects females?

Menstruation starts during puberty. Also the breasts also become larger. Hair grow in pubic area.

Do girls breast get bigger when they are going to get their period?

no, in a females body a period is part of puberty, and during puberty your your breasts will get bigger but this is not because of your period

What hormone starts puberty in females?

GnRH released from the hypothalamus triggers the start of puberty in females.

How do you get your husband pregnant?

Answer: Males do not carry eggs after puberty unlike females. Which makes it impossible for a male to get pregnant. Plus males dont have female reproduction parts

Can girls get pregnant during puberty?

Yes. If your menstrual cycle has started, it means that you are ovulating, and therefore you can get pregnant.

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