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Some states call their trial courts supreme courts. In most states, the supreme court, like the federal Supreme Court, is the highest appellate court in the state. A bankruptcy may not stop a case on appeal to a state supreme court. But if it is a trial court, then bankruptcy can stop a case from going forward. Consult a local bankruptcy lawyer.

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Q: Can filing bankruptcy stop a supreme court lawsuit?
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Are you a bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is when a person or a firm thinks that they are in financial crisis, they go out for filing bankruptcy in related court.

Can you still file bankruptcy if a credit card company sues you?

Sure...any creditor can protest both the filing, or the handling of their claim (especially in comparison to other claiments) - and they frequently do. If their investigation shows that you didn't fully disclose all assets, or made transactions in anticipation of filing BK...or any number of other things that would cause them to take more of a loss...and can prove it to the're case would likely be dismissed...and if the actions were intentional...amy face criminal charges by the court.

What court cannot initiate an action without a lawsuit?

Supreme Court

How do you supena or get a court order?

You get a court order by filing a lawsuit or a motion and ask the court to order what you want. The clerk of court can assist in obtaining a subpoena for an ongoing lawsuit.

What is a notice of bankruptcy and stay?

When a bankruptcy is filed, an "automatic stay" takes effect, essentially a prohibition against any collection action by a creditor without the court's permission. This occurs even if the creditor has no immediate notice of the filing. Any collection action taken after the filing must be undone by the creditor.If there is a proceeding in a civil court to collect the debt, the appropriate action for the debtor is to notify the court of the filing, giving the name and address of the bankruptcy court, the date of filing and the docket number of the case in the bankruptcy court. This is often called a "suggestion of bankruptcy" or notice of bankruptcy."

How do you find if you are listed as a creditor in chapter 7 filling?

You will receive, directly from the bankruptcy court, a notice of filing and information on filing your claim with the court. If you believe a person has filed bankruptcy, and you know the person' s address, you can check with the clerk of the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy court one files in is determined by the county within which the debtor resides.

If you owe a thousand dollars to chapter 13 but are behind paying what will happen if you do not pay?

The trustee/bankruptcy court can dismiss the chapter 13. Creditors would then be able to pursue collection including filing a lawsuit.

How does bankruptcy affect filing taxes if you are in bankruptcy?

Doesn't change any of your legal obligations (other than the debts at the court), like filing taxes, or what is due.

Is American choppers fake?

Fake or not, If you google the Supreme Court in Goshen NY, you can look up the lawsuit filing Sr. has against Jr.. Would seem to me it would be against the law to file a real lawsuit for the sake of a show. The lawsuit is very real and with that you would have to assume the feud is real.

Whose lawsuit for freedom was denied by the supreme court?

Dred Scott

What is Prepetition?

Any time before the filing of the petition (of bankruptcy I presume) with the court.

If a credit card company has already set a court date against you can you still file bankruptcy?

Absolutely, you can send the notice of bankruptcy filing to the court and you will not have to attend.