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Can fish oil help with colds?


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2014-04-07 05:47:40
2014-04-07 05:47:40

I do not think think so, fish oil going to help you in improving immune system and help in cold. Better to take dabur chyawanprash, it always keep you away from cold.


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Omega 3 fish oil is recommended for healthy joints, painkiller for those suffering from Gout.the consumption of fish oil capsules should not be confused with eating a lot of sea foods,they are a definite problem with gout. fish oil supplements do help with gout.

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I do not think they get rid of colds but they help in cold symptoms.

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There are various uses of fish oil. Yes..Fish oil helps prevent heart attack. You can get more information from the related link

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No , Fishh Oil Can't Increase The Size

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