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no it cant but it can in the future

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Q: Can floods be predicted?
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Can flash floods be predicted?


Who predicted thew floods in Egypt?


How can floods be predicted?

To some extent they can. warnning systems can help . they can be predicted by heviey rain

Do floods cause global warming?

No, but global warming is predicted to cause floods and may already have contributed to some of the recent record floods. Global warming is also predicted to cause prolonged droughts in other regions.

How are floods predicted?

Floods are predicted by analyzing the amount of ground saturation, river levels, and the amount of incoming rain. All these factors combined help determine if a flood will occur and how severe it will be.

In what way was the Nile River unpredictable?

The floods could not be predicted precisely and some times did not happen.

How can you use augury in a sentence?

The fortune teller sat in his throne of augury. The augury predicted floods and famine after watching the bird's frantic behavior.

Is a flash flood dangerous?

Flash floods are dangerous because they come without warning. There is no way to prepare for a flash flood, because it cannot be predicted.

Can the natural disaster be predicted?

There are various types of natural disasters, which include hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, and swarms of locusts. Some of these are predictable and some are not.

Types of floods?

There are a great many different kinds of floods. There are floods like flash floods and floods like floods of words.

What is the difference between flash floods and floods?

A: floods are just plain floods and flash floods are floods that happen VERY VERY fast. hence the word "flash"

What is the difference between ''is predicted not to'' and ''isn't predicted to''?

"Is predicted not to" and "Isn't predicted to" is the same...( I think)?Try using it in a sentece:example:a.)Is predicted not to you.b.)Isn't predicted to you.Isn't = Is not

What is the difference between floods and flash floods?

Flash floods are floods that are caused by a storm. Normal floods are caused by non-stop rain.

What is the meaning of the word 'predicted'?

'Said in advance' is what the word 'predicted' means.

Are there different types of floods?

1.Flash floods2.River floods3.Coastal floods

How do meteorologists classify floods?

Floods are classified by their likelihood to happen in a given time period, or they classified into 5 categories flash floods,coastal floods, urban floods river floods,and ponding.

How do you say 'floods' in Hindi?

We call floods Barrh.

Can tsunami be predicted?

yes a tsunami can be predicted

Can mutations be predicted?

No, Mutations can not be predicted and have no numeral order. Mutations are totally random AND MAY NOT BE PREDICTED!

How are tornadoes prevented or predicted?

Can't prevent them but they are predicted by weather observations. This is called meteorology. Tornados can be predicted but what can't be predicted is how they move or where they will go next.

Where will armageddon start?

it has already started have you noticed one disaster after another, floods, fires, volcano, earth quakes.. un rest in the middle east just as nostradamis predicted would happen at the begining of armageddon.

What does global warming have to do with increasing hurricanes of greater and greater force?

One of the predicted consequences of global warming is that "weather events" such as storms, hurricanes, droughts, floods, etc, will become "more frequent and more severe."

Interesting fact about floods?

some floods are major and some floods are minor.

What is the facts about floods?

facts about floods

What are floods that happen suddenly called?

The Floods that happen suddenly are called Flash Floods.