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Yes they can.

For example, the woodcutting cape can be bought off the woodcutting tutor in Lumbridge (for 99k.)

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No, free players cannot get skill capes.However, members can for 99900 coins.

None. Skill capes are members-only items.

No. Skill capes are only for members - even in free-to-play skills.

No. Skill capes are members only.

You can the highest you can get any skill in Runescape is 99. And the highest combat level you can get is 138.

Its free to play skill but if you are member you'll have more things to train which take short time

The highest combat level that can be attained by free players is 126, while members can reach a maximum combat level of 138. On free servers, a player's combat level will not be higher than level 126, as combat levels due to the Summoning skill are omitted. The highest skill level you can level up to is 120, in the Dungeoneering skill. In all other RuneScape skills, the maximum level is level 99 (though this can be boosted temporarily through means such as potions). The highest total level currently attainable is 1614 for free to play players and 2496 for members.

No, skillcapes are not members-only objects. They are also available to free players as long as you have reached level 99 in a certain skill. They actually are members only, even if you have 99 of any skill. You also need to pay 99k to get it.

This question is impossible to answer, because it is always growing, but I suggest you check the Runescape homepage.Wikipedia quotes about 10 million total players (a large percentage of players are free players). Retrieved Dec. 2009.

probably the firemaking for members, but for free users its by far its cooking

As of 9 November, 2009, there are 169 Runescape worlds. 88 for free players, 81 for Members.

No. Poison is a members-only feature.

Once you turn 13, you are free to chat with other players of the RuneScape community.

g2h stands for "Gravite 2-handed sword" This is the strongest hitting melee weapon in free to play Runescape. It is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill.

For free-to-play players, that would be at the Karamja fishing spot.

highest lvl possible for free players on runescape :D

The purpose of a RuneScape membership is to gain access to additional items, quests, skills, and areas not available to free players.

Cooking and Firemaking are both fairly easy - and not too expensive.

The only Free Runescape stuff are those that are generously given to you by other players, begging for Runescape items will get you no where. ----------------- The other free Runescape items are from Quests as either rewards or something that will help you during a quest. ----------------- There's also free items given to you during and after the tutorial island at the beginning when you 1st start the game.

No; anybody can use it, including free-to-play players.

Well there are tons of skills on runescape and most are available to free players, but the only one that free to play players have not restrictions on is mining.

You can't. A membership is a set of additional benefits for players who pay for the game. - And while we are at it, be very careful of any player who offers you a membership "for free" - this is usually a scam; someone wants to, somehow, steal your RuneScape items. One common trick is to attract players under different pretexts - including "free membership" - to fake RuneScape websites, that is, sites that look a lot like RuneScape, but are actually set up by criminal networks. Such players should be reported immediately.

For free players you only get 2. for members you get all 6

138 for members (as they can train summoning), or 126 for free-players

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