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yup. just gotta park em in a garage. we don't really use cars.

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Q: Can freshmen have cars on campus at Yale university?
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Are freshmen at shaw university allowed to have cars?

No freshmen are not allowed to have cars, they do this because its such a small campus and they have to have enough parking spaces for the upper class men.

Does usf allow freshmen to have their cars on campus?


Can freshmen have cars at Eastern Michigan University?

Yes FRESHMEN can have a car on campus! Students bringing a car to campus will need a parking hangtag. There are designated parking areas for resident and commuter students as well as faculty and staff.

Can you have a car on uni campus?

That depends on the University. Most state universities do not allow Freshmen to have cars at the school campus. However, if the school is privately owned, it is more likely that you can own a car on campus during your freshman year. Almost all universities allow upper classmen to have cars on campus.

Can Freshmen at University of Alabama have cars?


Can bethune cookman college freshman bring cars?

No. Freshmen are not allowed to have cars

Can underclassmen have cars on campus?

If you are asking about. College or university the answer is yes. When you are in college you are considered an adult. You may have to buy a parking permit each semester and only park in general parking spots and lots. Every campus has parking regulations and enforcement. Campus police do check for stickers and will ticket.

Why are students at SUNY Albany not allowed to bring cars on campus their freshman year?

Students at SUNY Albany are not allowed to bring cars on campus during their freshman year, as that privilege is reserved for older, and more responsible, students.

Is it a better idea to go to a two year community college and then transition into a four year university or college when becoming a civil engineer or electrical engineer?

It is always better to start off at a community college rather than a university regardless of the degree program. the reason being is, every degree program requires basic pre-requisites. such as basic math and Englishes as well as sociology and psychology. community colleges are generally less expensive that universities so why pay university price for classes that you can get locally and cheaper? also many universities require freshmen to live on campus in dorms no matter the city or state of residence, also many freshmen are not allowed to bring their cars on campus. so, i feel that it is far better to take the basic courses at a community college rather than to start out as a freshman at a university. Also there are often special scholarships and grants for students who transfer from community college to universities. I am currently enrolled in a transfer program and will receive extra financial aid as well as a lower tuition rate when i transition to a university.

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are you asking about tunnels for cars or pedestrian walkways? The are a lot of walkways underground, especially on the University of MN campus (both Minneapolis and duluth). For cars, not really. the longest tunnel I can think of is on interstate 94 (in Minneapolis) under lowry avenue. It is only about 1000 ft long.

What is University of Southern California's mascot?

Though we are called the Trojans and we have a statue affectionately named Tommy Trojan, the school's official mascot is Traveler the Horse, for which we just had a statue unveiled in 2010. In the past, there was also an unofficial mascot, George the Tirebiter, who was notorious for chasing down cars on campus in the 40s. He also has a statue on campus. -current Trojan =)

Can freshman at cornell university have cars?

Yes. However, according to their website (see related links), it is discouraged; on-campus parking is inconvenient, so most students walk or bicycle. If you do decide to bring a car, you must register it with Cornell beforehand and pay a parking fee.

Does louisiana state university allow cars for freshman?


Are there cars allowed on the design institute of san Diego college campus?

The campus is extremely small and located within a corporate park. There is a small parking lot but most students find it handier to park on the street. There is never a shortage of parking spaces.

Why do students cycle?

Bikes cost less than cars, and if you're living near campus a bike can provide all the travel you need on an everyday basis.

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Wyotech would be the one to do it at. You'll get your best foundation at that school. I do believe there are custom shops not far from campus.

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If you want to design cars, you should look for a university offering Industrial Design majors. You can find these at

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