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No US president ever attended Cornell University.

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No president attended Cornell University. Cornell was founded in 1865, and no president has enrolled or graduated from the university since its establishment.

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Q: What president attended cornell university?
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What elenentry schoool Did eb white go to?

E.B. White attended Cornell University. He did not attend an elementary school under the name "elenentry schoool" as this appears to be a misspelling.

Did Christopher Reeve graduate?

He attended the Juilliard School of Drama and Cornell University which he graduated from in 1974.

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Who founded cornell university?

Cornell University was founded by Andrew D. White and Ezra Cornell.

When was Cornell University created?

Cornell University was created in 1865.

What year was cornell university built?

Cornell University was established in 1864.

Did president Hoover go to college?

Yes, President Herbert Hoover attended Stanford University where he earned a degree in geology.

Is cornell accerdit?

Cornell University is accredited.

When was Cornell University Chorus created?

Cornell University Chorus was created in 1921.

When was Cornell University Press created?

Cornell University Press was created in 1869.

What is Cornell University's mascot?

The Cornell University mascot is the "Big Red Bear."

How far is Binghamton University from Cornell University?

Binghamton University is about 50-60 minutes from Cornell by car.