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There are some species of frogs that can actually kill a dog (by licking the frog or drinking from the water dish the frog has been in.) There is also a species of frog that kill a human and it's called a 'poison dart frog' which are in South America. == ==

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Do snails kill frogs?

No, snails don't kill frogs they actual help frogs by eating harmful bacteria.

Does it kill tree frogs if you hold it?

no, not tree frogs, but some other frogs can be like that

Can poison dart frogs kill frogs?

Yes, the Poison Dart Frog can kill other frogs. This is why you shouldn't house Red Eyed Tree Frogs with Poison Dart Frogs because the Poison Frog's toxins and poison can kill a Red Eyed Tree Frog. So, yes, the PDF can kill other frogs. Thanks, Grace's Reptile and Amphibian Care

Do frogs kill toads?


What will kill frogs?


Can raid kill frogs?

Most substances foreign to frogs are harmful or lethal.

How do they kill frogs for dissection?


Does alcohol kill frogs?


Can frogs kill you?

Frogs release poisons through their skin and can be deadly to others, such frogs are normally found in the amazon.

How do you keep frogs quiet?

Iy is not possible to keep frogs quiet unless you kill them.

Does roach spray kill frogs?


Can poison dart frogs kill you?


What pesticides can kill frogs?

common pesticide

What kind of frogs can kill you?

Wild animals

Does potassium salt kill frogs?


How do you keep frogs out of your home?

Kill them before they get in!

What kills frogs?

Common salt kills a frog. Just pour some salt on the frogs back and see what happens. people kill frogs. just like people kill people. salt does not kill a frog .it just agitates them and make them go all crazy.

Can frogs live in salt water?

Frogs can not live in salt water. The salt will kill them. don't ask me why.

What is the best way to kill 3 stones with 2 frogs?

you can not kill rocks there not alive

Can a frog kill a fish?

yes. the larger frogs do

How do you kill green frogs?

12 gauge shotgun

Why does pestcides kill frogs?

Chemical composition of the pesticide.

How do frogs survive from predators?

they kill themselves by drowning them

How deadly are poison dart frogs?

There skin will kill you

Can frogs live in salt warter?

Most frogs cannot live in salt water, because it will dehydrate and kill them, but there are a very few frogs that have adaptations that allow them to be exceptions:Crab-eating frogsAfrican clawed frogsSouthern leopard frogs