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fumble is when you use one hand to do something and not the other

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Q: Can fumble be used as fumble in exams?
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How do you use the word fumble in a short sentence?

He had a quick fumble in his pockets.Have a fumble in the drawer for the scissors.

When did The Fumble happen?

The Fumble happened in 1987.

Is fumble after helmet to helmet hit still a fumble?


In the NFL can you fumble a play due to a hamstring injury?

Yes, a fumble is a fumble, the cause doesn't matter.

What does a fumble mean in football?

A fumble is when a player with the ball drops it.

When was Fumble - band - created?

Fumble - band - was created in 1967.

What does fumble means?

Fumble is a word that means losing control or possession of a ball before being tackled or scoring. It is most commonly used when describing an action in football.

When was Fumble - album - created?

Fumble - album - was created in 1993-07.

Does a facemask prior to a fumble negate the fumble?

If there is a facemask on the defense then it should negate any fumble they may have acquired during play.

Can the ground cause a fumble?

If the ground causes a fumble the player is ruled down.

What is the difference between a fumble and an interception?

an interception is when you steal the ball but a fumble is when you drop it

What is the difference between a fumble and a interception?

an interception is when you steal the ball but a fumble is when you drop it

What is a fumble?

A fumble is when the ball comes out of the players posession before he/she is down. If the fumble is recovered by the opposing team, it is considered a turnover and the posession of the ball changes.

Why are calculators used in exams?

well it is used for calculating numbers and would be useful but usually calculators are not used during exams as it is a basic rule for not using them !

What is a sentence with the word fumble in it?

He got down on his knee and began to fumble in his pockets for the ring.If you fumble with yourself in class once more, your parents will hear of this.I fumble around the drawer for my passport.

How do you get a fumble moshling?

Fumble = Red Star, Yellow Love, Red Star/magic.

Is a catch of an opponent's fumble or pass is called a recovery?

a fumble is you can recover it, but a pass you intercept it.

What does scratch mean in sport stacking?

When you fumble while you are stacking. A fumble is when you mess up.

If in the NFL a player tries to fumble backwards but somehow it goes forward is it an illegal forward fumble?

A fumble is a fumble, no matter what direction it goes in, but a player cannot advance the ball forward through the air once they have passed the line of scrimmage.

What are ELA exams used for?

ELA exams help the teacher judge how good you are in English Language Arts.

Can a quarterback fumble?


Can the center fumble?

No. A fumble on the quarterback/center exchange is always charged to the QB, regardless of whose error it was.

How many fumble returns did Antonio Cromartie have in 2007?

Antonio Cromartie had 2 fumble returns in 2007.

How do you get fumble as a moshling?

The code to get Fumble is: Star Blossom Yellow Love Berry Yellow Magic Bean

What is the longest fumble return in NCAA history?

The longest fumble return in NCAA football history was in 1995. It happened when Paul Rivers of Rutgers returned a fumble 100 yards for a touchdown.