Can gama pass through concrete

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Q: Can gama pass through concrete
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What invisible yet can pass through concrete walls?

radio and tv beams can pass through concrete as x-rays pass through the body

Can oxygen and water pass through concrete?


What type of particles can pass through concrete?


Can radiation penetrate concrete?

It depends on the concrete and the type of radiation. If the concrete is feet thick, then it should only pass through the very surface and stop dead in it's tracks mid-way through the concrete. Recap: Yes, but if the concrete is long/wide enough, it will not pass through completely.

Can Radon gas pass through a concrete slab?


Can penetrate thick aluminum but not concrete?

gama rays

Will gamma radiation pass through plastic wrappers?

YES, it is possible.

What is the best protection against gama rays?

concrete wall with lead.

What are some opaque objects?

opaque-do not allow light to pass through them...three examples are-wood,concrete and ceramic

Can a EM wave pass through concrete wall?

It depends on it's frequency. For example Hard X-Rays can.

What are pervious?

A pervious is a substance that allows water to directly pass through it. For example, some forms of concrete are considered to be pervious.

Can molten nuclear fuel melt through concrete?

In a sense, it can. The concrete does not melt. The cement in it gives up its waters of hydration and turns to dust. At this point molten metals can pass through the dust and stone of the concrete. This results from a meltdown. A number of meltdowns have happened, but molten core going through the concrete has not so far. There is a link attached to the Wikipedia article on nuclear meltdown.

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