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No. Garnish means to add to the dish after it is prepared-- like putting on an accessory when your getting dressed to look better!

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Q: Can garnish mean to put on a separate plate?
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What does overdoing a garnish mean?

you put too much decoration on a plate of food

How do you make the food more appetizing?

you can put it on a nice plate and garnish it

Garnish of mixed vegetables?

A garnish is a small portion of an edible food that is put on a plate to make the food more appealing. A garnish of mixed vegetables might be parsley with a few peas and carrots or onion.

Why do they put sticker on fruit?

its a loverly garnish

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Is it legal to garnish a check and put a lien on a home?

Yes they can garnish parts of your check and also put a lien on your home, so that you cannot sell your home until you pay them.

What is the difference between a garnish and a sauce?

A garnish can be any type of food, fruit, vegitables, herbs, anything. Just to make the dish look pretty. A sauce can be a garnish but most of the time you do not eat the garnish. For example a garnish would be when you put mint on top of a meat just to make it look pretty.

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if its that mean put it in a separate tank

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What does it mean when a display plate and cup fall?

That they were poorly ballanced/put away or that someone/thing knocked them over.

What utenciles do you use to put the salad on the plate?

You can use tongs or salad forks to put salad on the plate.

What happens when pressure is put on sides of a plate?

When pressure is put on the sides of a plate, an earthquake might form!

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