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Q: Can garys rhodes' courgette soup with tomato and red onion bruschetta could it be made today?
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What could be eating your courgettes?

courgette monsters

What can you swap tomato purรฉ for?

You could use tomato sauce, tomato paste with added liquid, or crushed tomatoes.

When did they find diamonds on Cecil Rhodes?

Cecil Rhodes is a person, and since he is known for his life-long business in diamonds, one could assume that one could 'find' diamonds on Cecil Rhodes most any day of his life.

Do you put tomato puree on a pizza?

you can or you could make a tomato sauce from scratch

How many burgers with 2 different toppongs could you build?

For example, if your toppings are tomato and onion, you could have one burger with tomato, one burger with onion, and one burger with tomato and onion.

Where do tomato seeds come from?

Tomato seeds, can be found inside the tomato, when you cut it open. or you could buy them at the store!

Can you Replace tomato paste for tomato sauce?

it depends on what you want to cook but if you want to you could

What is the difference between tomato sauce and tomato paste?

Tomato sauce is used for more pasta cooking and paste could be pizza sauce. tomato sauce is thinner and tomto paste is thicker

What food group is tomato sauce in?

Tomato sauce is made from tomato so it could be in the fruit and veg group. It's also a sauce so it might be in the Carbohydrate group.

What tomato disease make holes on the tomato fruits?

the holes could be made by insects eating the tomatos

Did martin Luther king jr win the Rhodes scholarship?

No. He never went to Oxford at all, so he could not have won the Rhodes scholarship

How can the acid in tomato juice be reduced?

You could add milk, cream or butter to decrease the acid in tomato juice.

Can one be allergic to the tomato seeds and not the tomato itself?

My Gradfather was. He could eat the flesh of the tomato but not the seeds. He was also alergic to the seeds on strawberries. I'm sorry that I do not have more of a technical answer.

What is Tomato Fondue?

Tomato fondue could be two things: a tomato-flavored hot broth in which you dip pieces of raw meat or vegetables (until cooked) OR a cheese and tomato fondue in which you dip pieces of bread or other dippers.

Who can tomato ketchup make you sneeze?

Tomato ketchup could make one sneeze if one were to insert it into one's nose.

What is tomato red color?

Did you know they actually pay people a lot of money to create names for colors? Tomato red could be any shade of red, as are the tomatoes, depending on the variety of tomato. But I consider tomato red to have a hint of orange.

Why am I addicted to sleeping in tomato soup?

It could be because as a vegetarian vampire, sleeping in tomato soup may be essential to keeping you alive.

What can i use Substitute tomato puree?

well it depends on what you're using it for. if you're making pizza then you could use tomato paste

How do you make a tomato?

buy a topsy turvy plant a tomato seed and pluck or you could just go to walmart and buy one

What does as red as a ripe tomato means?

embarrassed <- short answer. For example: His face was as red as a ripe tomato. It doesn't have to mean embarrassed, it could just mean that after sport, his sweaty face was as red as a ripe tomato or if somebody drank too much wine and his face was as red as a beetroot, you could say that.

What is the latin name for tomato?

It is your mother and could quite be your grandmother. They relate to the tomato as in "Your (grand)mother looks like an old tomato". They are usually found in bed with your (step)dad and are can be doing something naughty.

How much does the colossus of Rhodes weigh?

The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of the Greek god Helios, the god of the sun. It was destroyed in 226 BC by the Rhodes earthquake. It could have weighed as much as 225 tons, although because the statue was destroyed, the exact weight is unknown.

How much would it cost to go on a holiday in Rhodes?

The cost of a holiday in Rhodes depends on a couple factors such as your transportation, accommodations, food, entertainment and how many people are going. If you were trying to go by yourself and were trying to be cheap you could budget $2000 for a holiday to Rhodes.

What is the difference between ketchup and tomato ketchup?

i really think there is no difference, tomato ketchup could have more tomatoes, then high fructose syrup.

What could one pound buy in the Victorian times?

in the Victorian times one pound would buy a courgette