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So far we do not know of any human deaths that can be attributed to genetic engineering. But we could not rule out the possibility that genetic engineering may, at some time in the future, be used for the purpose of killing people. The greatest risk would be the engineering of new diseases, for the purpose of biological warfare or terrorism.

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Genetic engineering has already helped a great many people. Genetic engineering has already helped people feed a great many hungry people.

how is genetic engineering carried out

Yes, genetic modification is a form of genetic engineering.

there are many issues dealing with genetic engineering, most people who go through genetic therapy come out with a disease, when they didn't before

Short Answer is: our understanding of genetic engineering.

Since genetic engineering involves the manipulation of genes, genetics is the utmost importance in genetic engineering or any form of genetic technology.

The first people to perform genetic engineering were James Dewey Watson and Francis Harry Compton Crick in 1953.

Yes, they both encompass the term for when people change the genetic makeup of something.

Cloning and genetic engineering are similar. Genetic engineering is when we choose a specific gene that we are interested in and cloning is when exact genetic copies are produced. We control genes passed on to offspring using cloning and genetic engineering.

AnswerThe three types of genetic engineering are:Applied genetic engineering which includes cloning and transgenesis.Chemical genetic engineering which includes genes mapping, gene interaction, and genes codingAnalytical genetic engineering which includes computer mapping.

Genetic engineering is done to produce genes

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the risks and benefits of genetic engineering.

Genetic engineering, as with any other form of engineering, is neither ethical or unethical. The ethics lay in the uses to which it is put. Selective breeding, which is a form of genetic engineering, has been practised since before recorded history. That includes the selective breeding of people.

* Natural Selection, nature's own genetic engineering. * Selective Breeding, our success in altering the course of natural selection. * Genetic Manipulation, the current state of the art in genetic engineering. * True Genetic Engineering, the next step. * Playing God! If you're offended by genetic engineering, read what's theoretically possible. Beyond the best genetic engineering we can currently devise is much, much more: the re-engineering of life itself. * Other Bio-technology, Human Cloning and Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is actually genetic modification, involving an organism's DNA. It is done with genetic material that does not naturally belong to organic material, is injected into it. Some people are concerned about the safety of genetically engineered foods.

Yes, genetic engineering is important to medicine.

"Genetic engineering is a very controversial issue."

with genetic engineering, most of the diseases and illness can be prevented.there are also infectious diseases that can be treated by genetic has ability to produce genetic diversity to produce variant alleles.

an example of genetic engineering are like: Cloning IVF

Genetic engineering is the use of science to recombine DNA in many different procedures to develop organisms. Genetic engineering is mostly used in agriculture and medicine.

inserting DNA in organism and isolating

Genetic Engineering is the study and application of genetics for a better life/future. Genetic engineering can be used to produce medicines & to improve food crops. Researchers are also using genetic engineering to try to cure human genetic disorders.

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