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Herpes isn't life thretening so that won't kill you.

As for the swollen cervix, that depends on what is causing the inflamation (herpes doesn't cause that). If it's Cervical cancer then that can kill you if it's not treated early.

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Can genital herpes and genital warts kill you?

No, untreated genital warts or genital herpes are not fatal. There is treatment available to speed up the healing, but this is optional.

Can genital herpes kill you?

Herpes cannot killNo, herpes will not kill you.Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. Genital Herpes is not curable but can be controlled with regular drug treatments. It can recur over and over so once it has been transmitted you have it for life ! If passed to a newborn infant it can kill.No, it is NOT likely to kill.no,see your doctor and if you do have it let your sex partners know!!NO genital herpes isn't life threatening. Millions of people have it and live long healthy lives. If you think you have it then see your doctor and get tested. If you do have it you should let your partners know about it if you want to get intimate with them.Genital herpes is not fatal.Genital herpes isn't fatal to adults. If a baby is born with herpes then there can be some complications and or it can cause death. But it's very rare to have a baby born with herpes. There is one type of herpes called enchephilitis that you can die from but it's very rare to have / contract this type of herpes.No, you will not die from Genital Herpes.It is highly unlikely for genital herpes to be deadly.

How many people die from herpes every year in texas?

The common types of herpes (oral and genital herpes) are NOT life threatening. People don't die from contracting cold sores or genital herpes. The only type of herpes that can kill you is enchephilitis which is VERY rare to have, you can die from the seizures or the neurological damage it causes.

Is genital herpes a life threating?

Not in the least! It's simply a irritating skin infection that just happens to occur in the genital region of the body. The stigma surrounding the virus can be a life altering condition if you let it. The stigma is so much worse than the actual virus. The medical community knows this.....genital herpes is not a part of a standard STD testing panel. You have to ask to be specifically tested for herpes. Can genital herpes be painful? Yes Can genital herpes cause some discomfort? Yes Can it kill you? NOPE

Is herpes dangerous and can it kill you?

There is only one type of herpes that can kill you, encephalitis which affects he brain but it's very rare to have and not easily contracted. How ever herpes can kill a new baby if the case is severe. But the common types of herpes (oral and genital herpes) rarely kill adults. Millions of people with herpes live very long healthy lives. Herpes isn't all that dangerous to have but it is contagious which is what most people worry about.

You had several dates with a man then he tells you that he has genital herpes should i break it off and he kissed me should you be alarmed?

if you want to break it off, as long as you have safe sex you'd most likely be fine, and herpes while not fun isn't going to kill you and isn't a big deal, also genital herpes is just in the genitals you can't get it by kissing.

Does chemotherapy kill herpes?

Chemotherapy doesn't kill herpes.

Can you kill the genital wart virus?

You can not kill the genital wart virus.

Can Bleach on skin kill herpes?

Bleach on skin will not kill herpes.

Can salt kill herpes virus?

Salt won't kill the herpes virus.

Does toothpaste kill herpes?

No toothpaste kills the herpes virus.

Can bleach kill herpes?

Bleach can kill herpes but so can soap and water. Once you have herpes you will have it for life. You can control symptoms and shedding by taking an anti viral such as Valtrex.

Does hydrogen peroxide kill herpes?

Sorry hun nothing can kill herpes, antiviral medciation or Lysine is the best treatment for it.

Does bleach kill herpes simplex type 1?

Lysol disinfecting wipes can kill herpes, so Clorox can too.

Why are herpes uncurable?

Herpes is caused by a virus, and antibiotics can't kill viruses.

How bad is herpes?

herpes is not bad at all, it's almost normal believe it or not.....It the same virus as a cold sore but some people get it on their genitals which can be painful. people who have genital herpes usually don't even get another outbreak...herpes is gross looking and painful but it's not going to kill you and you can live a normal sex life. just don't have sex if u have another outbreak by any chance and your all set.....

Are herpes and HIV curable?

No. There are no current medications that will kill either the Herpes or HIV virus.

Is is possible for you to kill herpes on your own?

Once infected, there is no way to get rid of the herpes virus.

Can genital warts be fatal?

Genital warts don't directly cause death but genital warts are associated with Cervical Cancer which could kill..

Does spermicides kill the herpes virus?

Spermacides kill sperm, but herpes isn't passed through sperm. It's passed through skin contact like rubbing your genitals together during sex. So technically no that won't kill herpes.

Does the herpes antibody kill herpes?

No nothing kills herpes. Antibodies are what is found on a blood test. If you happen to have herpes you will most likely have antibodies of herpes in your blood. The number of antibodies that you have can lead to a positive or negative result.

Can shingles kill you?

The Mayo Clinic says no.The only type of herpes that I know of that can kill some one is enchephilitis. Herpes zooster is the virus that causes chicken pox and shingles.

Can ocular herpes kill you?

Ocular herpes is not fatal. It can, however, permanently affect your vision. Early and regular treatment is critical.

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