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The needle doesn't go in THAT deep! I would recommend waiting until the baby is born to have it done, tho; the swelling from being pregnant could cause a fresh piercing to migrate.

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โˆ™ 2014-07-17 08:35:58
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Q: Can getting your belly piercing harm baby?
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Can the midwife hurt your baby when she pushes it?

No, pushing on your belly will not harm your baby.

What happens if you pierce your belly then you lose weight?

piercing in your belly and loosing the weight dont harm you at all in fact if you are a girl that will give you more sexy look for your belly

Will suncream do Any harm to a belly piecring?

Yes it could if you get it in your piercing. It could cause infection, and a lot of pain.

Can you piercing your tough when im pregnant?

No professional body piercing studio will provide you with a piercing when you are pregnant. The chances of a secondary infection due to the piercing causing harm to the baby is a reason why body piercing studios will not provide piercing to pregnant women.

Does hiccuping harm your unborn baby?

if your belly shakes that much when you hiccup, otherwise it should be fine

You are 4weeks pregnant is it safe or harmful to lay your laptop on your belly?

Yes, It is completely safe to do this. It does no harm to the baby. The worse it can do is make your belly warm when you lay it on your belly for too long. (:

Can getting pregnant soon after removal of the implant harm the baby?

No it wont.

Can smoking weed while pregnant harm the baby?

Honestly yes. When you suck in the air of the weed it can got to your lungs and stomach. Your baby is in your belly, so you can give birth to an unhealthy baby

Is getting abortions a harm to the baby or parent?

Not to the woman but the embryo dies of course.

Can someone shaking your belly while pregnant hurt the baby?

Babies in the womb are well protected from harm. It would take significant effort to harm the baby and in such circumstances the mother would probably be hurt too. Lesser shaking would certainly distress the baby and it should not be encouraged.

Does an aggressive cough harm your unborn baby?

no it will not harm your baby

If you get your nose pierced while your pregnant and you get an infection can it harm your baby?

Yes it can harm you and possibly harm the baby. You load the immune system too much and with that loading something has to give. No professional body piercer will knowingly pierce anyone who is pregnant just for that reason. If you do have an infection in a piercing and you are pregnant see your doctor without delay.

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