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no- ghost can not bring gift to people because a ghost is someone dead. but a ghost can actually give someone they dont know a nneklese they have or something and so the ghost tells the person to give that to someone the ghost knows so that person the ghost knows can know that the ghost is sleeping in peace

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Q: Can ghosts bring gifts to people?
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How many people believe in ghosts?

Their are a lot of people that believe in ghosts, and their are a lot of people who don't believe in ghosts. No one really knows how many people believe in ghosts, but mostly thousands believe in ghosts. Some people can sense their presence, and the negative energy they bring.

Does Santa give gifts to Jew's?

No, Jewish people do not believe in Christ, so they don't celebrate Christmas. They celebrate Hanukkah, and their parents/family bring them gifts.

What are the gifts of talent?

Gifts of talent is the grace, program taht you bring

Do normal people become ghosts?

There are no ghosts.

Who bring gifts to children?

santa santa

What is the ettique regarding gifts for remarriage to same person?

You should probably respectfully request that guests do not bring gifts. They can still bring gifts or money if they choose.

Is a peacock is friendly to to people?

They are friendly if you bring them gifts.

Can people make ghosts happy?

It is not possible to confirm if ghosts exist or if they have the capacity to feel emotions like happiness. However, many believe that showing respect, love, and acknowledgment to the memory of departed individuals can create positive energy and bring comfort to those who have passed on.

Can you bring a ghost home from another house?

No cause there aren't ghosts

How does santa bring his gifts in Africa?

he rides a chicken

Where does kriss kringle bring gifts to?

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Do ghosts try to scare us?

Ghosts do not exist.if you believe in ghosts no and if you don't still why even bring up the question.?Maybe because we have done something to them or we killed them i donno but maybe they are not real we never know