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Ghosts, Spirits, Apparition, whatever you wish to call it, is a common belief among and throughout humanity. This, in a way, is evidence of their existence.

It is believed to be some form of existence or life after death.

If such an existence is true, than they WOULD have to use energy of some sort.

What happens when energy is used? It is put into something else, and is no longer part of what used it. Put simply, 'it goes away'.

Now, follow along with me do you restore or recreate energy?Sustenance, inhilation, and absolution. In other words, some form of matter or energy has to be taken in.

So YES, in a way, a ghost WOULD have to 'eat'.

Now, whether it can eat solid food, no one can really say.

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We eat to sustain life. Ghosts aren't alive so have no need for food.

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There are no such things as ghosts, therefore they do not eat breakfast.

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Ghosts can't eat or kill you but they can hurt you. No they aren't werid.

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How do you catch a Ghost?

me and my friends are ghosts hunters but we just started so i am not sure but i know you can get some ghost food and put it out it looks like cat food the you put a net or something solid over them an that's how you catch a ghost.Ghosts are superstitious and are not real. They are used for spooking and spooky stories. Ghosts are not real! :)

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