Can girl pop girl cherry

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A girl's "cherry is popped" when she has sex with a man for the first time.

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Q: Can girl pop girl cherry
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Can girls pop a girls cherry?

A girl's "cherry is popped" when she has sex with a man for the first time.

Is it normal for a dad to pop his little girl cherry?

your a doglet

Why do guys want to pop a girl's cherry?

There are multiple reasons

What is a painless way to pop a girl cherry?

You can't. It's impossible

I am a teenage girl and my boyfriendthat i lovewants me to pop your cherry for him because he doesnt like blood and we are ready to have sexso ive fingered myself to try to pop it how do I know I did?

when you pop your cherry you feel pain and you bleed

Can a girl cherry get pop twice?

not unless u have this type of plastic surgery not sure the name tho

Does it feel better if you pop a girls cherry by hand or with your penis?

It hurts the girl either way.

Does every girls cherry pop the first time?

No, not every girl experiences their hymen breaking (sometimes referred to as "popping the cherry") during their first sexual experience. The hymen can be stretched or broken through various activities like exercise or tampon use, and its presence or absence should not be equated with virginity.

What does it mean to pop a girl's cherry?

By 'Cherry' you mean the hymen. Yes all girls have this. It is usually broken through sexual intercourse. Then you are no longer a virgin. However, it can also happen if the girl plays a lot of sports or uses tampons.

Can you pop cherry late?


Can a vibrater pop a girls cherry?

Yes it can - you are technically not a virgin if you have used a tampon. Therefore a tampon can 'pop your cherry'.

What is the meaning of shirt slogan save a cherry pop a collar?

The expression to stealing a womens virginity is often referred to as "popping a cherry". So the expression "save a cherry pop a collar" is implying it is better to pop a collar rather than a cherry ;]