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They can but they should be careful with how they do it

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Q: Can girls leave their boyfriend if she know that he is a bed boy or crimnal?
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How do you win a girl who's already got a boyfriend?

If you know she isn't happy with the relationship she is in now. Then be really nice to her better then her boyfriend. But if you know she is happy and loves her boyfriend just be friends or leave her alone. Girls don't like it when you are annoying and try to take them away from the person they love. But if you don't know at all i think its better to just be friends or leave her alone.

The current boyfriend has cheated in all his other relationships should i leave him alone before i get hurt?

If you have to ask this question, you already know the answer. You are no better to him than the other girls he has had.

My boyfriend is in prison now how do you know if he is writing to other girls?

You May Never Know If Your Boyfriend Is Writing To Other Girls. But If You Trust Him, Then You Shouldnt Worry. If You Dont Trust Him, Try Talking To Him.

If your boyfriend hangs out with other girls should you dump him?

No! Some guys have girls for friends, I know, I have many friends who are guys, But if you mean he's cheating on you, then don't give him a minute to think when you leave. As a popular friend, I would like to know what happens. By: -Aura-

How do you know your boyfriend is insecure?

is his kissing other girls or other guys?

What if a boy friend is flirting with girls what should you do?

if hes flirting with girls let him know it bothers you if he dosent stop then just leave him cause if he dosent care about you enough to respect you then he is not worth the time jab the other girls with knives and go makeout with you boyfriend

My boyfriend knows I've been crying for hours Why isn't he putting effort in to call me?

Your boyfriend may not know how to console you. Boys are very different from girls and don't know how to handle crying girls.

How do you know if your boyfriend is flirting with other girls?

You don't! Relationships are built on "trust!"

How do you know if your boyfriend really cares about you?

If he dates other girls and shows you no respect!

How do you know if your boyfriend has interest in other girls?

you can ask him or, just watch how he is around other girls and how he is with you and compare the two

What is the name of Regina's Boyfriend in the film 'mean girls'?

Her boyfriend is called Aaron, i dont know his last name though!

How do I know how far my boyfriend has gone with girls before me?

You should just ask them and be honest.

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