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Yes, if the gummy bracelets are too tight, they can cut off your circulation

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Q: Can gummy bracelets cut off your circulation?
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What color does your tongue turn when you cut off the circulation?

cut off the circulation of your finger and you tell me they have the same principle

Is there a phobia of tight bracelets cutting off the circulation in your wrists?

Though some people have a phobia of Jewellery, there is no specific name for a phobia of bracelets

Can a band-aid cut off your circulation?

Yes, band-aids can cut off your circulation, but only if they are wrapped around something, like a finger or toe. They cannot cut off your circulation if they aren't wrapped around anything. Hope this helps!!!!! :-)

I have a fear that I'm going to cut off my blood circulation to a limb what's it called?

If you cut off circulation you are cutting off the blood supply which will cut off all oxygen as well and the limb will start to die.

How long does it take to cut your circulation off before you loose a limb?

When you can feel the heart beat in the area where circulation is being cut off, and/or the limb turns slightly a different color.

What is the human circulation?

Human circulation is about blood. Like if you sqweeze your finger, it will ture puple, that is because you cut off it's circulation.

Why does it feel like someones squeezing your arms off?

because your circulation is being cut off

You cut your dogs circulation off on his tail on accident?

bring the dog to the vet!

How long does it take to cut of the circulation in your arm?

It takes at least 2 or 3 days to cut off your curculation.

How do you know if a guinea pig has had his blood circulation cut off by a toenail?

It will start bleeding...

Why do your arms and legs go numb when you cut off the circulation?

There is no blood flow in that area.

Do silly bandz cut off your circulation?

I have been wearing a lot of silly bandz and they do leave marks on my arm.Sometimes a feel a tight pain,but nothing serious.The question hasn't really been answered yet,though.yes they do because if they are to tight they can i wore alot of silly bandz and they started to cut of my circulation.