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Yes. Her books are dramatic and heartwarming and make you think about different views of life. Her books are not solely for women.

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You're correct, person above me! I feel Jodi Picoult truly does offer unique perspectives on true life situations. I'm a 9th grader reading "Nineteen Minutes," it's a phenomenal book. I don't know if I could think so philosophical & deep if it wasn't for her literary involvement. She's such a great author and everybody (even men!) should read Picoult. Read on! Literature defines us! :)

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What is the birth name of Jodi Picoult?

Jodi Picoult's birth name is Jodi Lynn Picoult.

When was Jodi Picoult born?

Jodi Picoult was born on May 19, 1966.

How old is Jodi Picoult?

Jodi Picoult is 51 years old (birthdate: May 19, 1966).

What is your favorite book by Jodi Picoult?

Personally my favorite Jodi Picoult books are divided between two "Nineteen Minutes" and "Sing You Home"

What is Jodi Picoult's birthday?

Jodi Picoult was born on May 19, 1966.

Who wrote the pact?

Jodi Picoult wrote The Pact.

Can you read your sisters keeper by Jodi Picoult online for free?

Yes there is a website on google if you just type thetitle of the book

'My Sister's Keeper' -by jodi picoult?

This is a statement not a question

What are the most widely read books for people under 18?

Jodi Picoult - Author Sara Dessen -Author Looking for Alsaka - Book title

Did SE Hinton write a book with Jodi Picoult?

No Jodi Piccoult wrote the introduction for one of SE Hintons books

Is your sisters keeper true story or not?

No the film is based on a novel by Jodi Picoult

What age does jodi picoult write for?

I'd say that her books appeal to young adults.

Are there any new books by Jodi Picoult?

She just wrote a book called "Sing You Home"

What is the setting of Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult?

It's in New Hampshire, but I can't find a town.

Who are the characters in keeping faith by Jodi Picoult?

the main characters are Mariah, Faith, Ian, Millie and Collin

What happened to Jacob in the end of House Rules by Jodi Picoult?

He does not go to jail. He didn't kill Jess.

What Jodi Picoult books have been made into movies?

Well, The Tenth Circle The Pact My Sister's Keeper

What are Jodi Picoults beliefs?

Jodi Lynn Picoult is an American author. She was awarded the New England Bookseller Award for fiction in 2003. Her beliefs about writing are interesting and thought provoking.

How do you contact Jodi Picoult?

If you go to her website and email her you are very likely to get a response. Both me and my mom did when we asked her questions

Who wrote The Pact and why?

"The Pact" (1998) was a novel by Jodi Picoult, and centered on a suicide pact between two teens.

A summary on The Pact by Jodi Picoult?

why would anyone write a summary on the pact? its ur project. you do it. lazy bum.

What is the theme of the pact by jodi picoult?

Suicide, depression, love, friendship, knowing your children.. or rather not really knowing them at all.

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