Can hedgehogs eat bread

Updated: 10/8/2023
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Just because they can, doesn't mean they should.

Please do NOT feed them bread.

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It is NOT healthy for them.

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Q: Can hedgehogs eat bread
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What do baby hedgehogs eat?

Baby hedgehogs eat cat food and water

Why are hedgehogs not allowed to have cow milk or bread?

its not good for them

How would the caterpillars be affected if there were fewer hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs eat them.

What do hedgehogs eat in free realms?

There are no hedgehogs in Free Realms...

Do scorpions eat hedgehogs?

No, they do not.

How do hedgehogs capture their pray?

No. hedgehogs eat grass and plants. so in a way i guess they do.

Do hedgehogs eat while hibernating?

No, they do not.

Can hedgehogs eat boloney?

No! Hedgehogs are never to be given processed foods. It contains FAR too much fat and salt for hedgehogs.

What do wild hedgehogs eat?

hedge hogs eat insects!

Do hedgehogs eat grasses?

No. Hedgehogs are insectivores/omnivores, but not once in my 6+ years of ownership have I seen them eat grass. They eat insects, berries, some meat, eggs, etc. However, pet hedgehogs will and often do chew on and annoint with grass.

Why do hedgehogs eat eggs?

beacuse they like them

Can African Pygmy Hedgehogs eat millipedes?