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No penis once grow they will not shrink, neither will a hernias cause it to shrink.


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no it doesnt shrink ur penis trust me

get it cold and it will shrink back.

No foods or drinks have been proven to grow or shrink the penis.

no it doesnt shrink anything

No. Only Taking Steroids Will Shrink It

No but it will shrink your penis

because you have a small penis

Steriods do not make you infertial the cemicails in the pill only shrink your penis. CORRECTION: Steroids do not shrink your penis. If taken at high dosages they may lead to atrophy of the your testicles can shrink. But not your penis...

cold water Steriods mountaindewPenis can shrink due to many causes such as from medication and from sitting in cold water.

No it makes it bigger.

Unfortunately yes do to harsh chemicals in the marijuana you penis will shrink and make orgasms less satisfying to the sex.

Generally while you are in cold temperatures that will cause the penis to shrink some.

i wear them and its not shrunken

The penis does begin to shrink as a man gets older. This is the result of a reduction in blood flow to the area because of an accumulation of fat cells in the blood vessels of the penis.

mt.dew makes your balls shrink and pickles make your penis grow

something that shrink some preformances (penis) and improve others

No, but eventually the erection might get a bit weaker.

Mountain Dew "yellow 5" on the back of the bottle.

No, it does not. If it were to happen, then it would be very rare.

No there is no relationship whatsoever between what you eat and the size of your penis.

No it cant. But if there is a HUGE problem than surgery is an option... No they don't make surgery to shrink penises.

yes, yes they do. and can make women more manly

No but the blood pressure required for full erection does diminish.

Cold water, and pictures of old ladies.

No, but eventually the erection might get a bit weaker.

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