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No, herpes has no effect on the hormone levels which control the cycle.

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Can herpes cause 2 periods in one month?

Herpes will not cause 2 periods in one month.

Can herpes prevent periods?

Herpes will not prevent periods.

Irregular periods and pregnancy?

irregular periods and pregnancy

Is it normal to have irregular periods?

No. But its not all that unusual either ... at least 10 % of women have irregular periods. You can get a work-up at your gynecologist, but some just don't have a cause.

Does Lexapro cause missed periods?

Does laxapro caused irregular peiords

What is wrong if you have irregular periods and didn't get your monthly period for a long time?

Many factors can influence the menstrual cycle. Stress, diet, and exercise can cause irregular periods. Hormone imbalances can cause them too.

Can Anti depressants medications cause irregular periods?

no, silly lol hahaha

You have been suffering from lower back pain and irregular periods for the last 8 months what can be the cause?

I have been suffering lower back pain on the left side and Irregular periods

Can stress cause you to bleed a week after your period?

Stress is a leading cause of irregular periods, so probably.

What would cause brown spotting 3 weeks after your period?

Pregnancy can cause this spotting or irregular periods or a UTI.

What may cause irregular periods?

there r many reasons for delay in irregular periods...................apart frim pregnancy.. 1.STRESS 2.COLD WEATHER 3.ANAEMIC PERSON 4.HEALTH

What could cause two periods in one month?

*Pregnancy. * Irregular period. * Hormonal imbalance.

What to do to stop trembling hands which is the cause of irregular menstruation?

Trembling hands do not cause irregular menstruation. See a gynecologist if your periods are irregular. If your irregular menstruation has caused you to get anemia, that can make your hands tremble but not the other way around. In any case, this is something to discuss with your doctor.

Can an std cause irregular periods?

Some STDs can cause bleeding between periods. These include gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. STDs won't cause heavy, period-like bleeding or affect your cycle.

Does herpes zoster cause genital herpes?

Herpes zoster can't cause genital herpes.

Can herpes simplex cause genital herpes?

Herpes simplex 1 will not cause genital herpes.

Will depo provera cause birth defects?

There is no evidence that Depo Provera can cause the birth defects. It can cause irregular periods. It is one of the safe contraceptive.

Can you get cancer from irregular periods?

u can't get cancer from irregular periods but irregular periods can be a sign u hav cancer (in the rarest cases). it doesn't matter if u hav regular or irregular periods unless u aren't prepared wen u actually hav it.

After a laparscopy in February you have been having your period every 6 weeks is this normal?

It can cause irregular periods.

If you go off birth control after being on it for a long time can it cause irregular and missed periods?


Can stress cause herpes?

Stress will not cause herpes; but if you have the herpes infection stress may cause an outbreak.

Can you predict irregular periods?

No, that's why they are called irregular. O.O

Can you get negative pregnancy test results if your periods are irregular?

irregular periods doesn't affect a pregnancy test result

Can deviry 10mg be used for irregular periods?

My doctor gave me this for the same (irregular periods) and I was having a cyst in my left overy.

Does the IUD cause irregular periods?

If you're using a hormonal IUD then yes, it can cause irregular bleeds. As hormonal birth control stops your menstrual cycles in order to stop ovulation it can stop menstruation, instead you can experience withdrawal bleeds and it is normal for these to be a little irregular.

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