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Yes, you can use hickory nuts to grill. I like using them for chicken especially. Sometimes vegetables with a little olive oil and basil. Soak the nuts in water over night and add them to your charcoal grill or place them on top of your coals in your gas grill. The wet nuts are less likely to catch fire before you finish grilling and will create much more smoke. I have not YET tried using green nuts because I think it will make the food taste like menthol. (I think the green hulls have a menthol taste.) I will probably try green nuts this week with chicken because Hurricane Irene shook a butt load of green nuts our of my 6 hickory trees. Will let you know after I try it.


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What eats hickory nuts?

A squirrel eats and enjoys hickory nuts.

Why are the hickory nuts falling off your tree?

The hickory nuts are not falling off my tree.

Nut Case has 20 pounds of mixed peanuts and hickory nuts which sells for 8.40 per pound Peanuts sell for 8.00 per pound and hickory nuts sell for 9.00 per pound How many pounds of hickory nuts are in?

For $9.00 a pound, 8 pounds of it are hickory nuts.

Are hickory nuts poisonous for dogs?

Yes, hickory nuts can be very harmful to dogs. In general, it is a good idea to avoid feeding any nuts to your dog.

Is there a way to make your Hickory Tree stop producing nuts?

A hickory tree produces nuts that can be eaten alone or used in various recipes. If the nuts are collected, a hickory tree can be enjoyed for many years. However, if the nuts are left on the ground, they can create a nuisance for the homeowner. Getting your hickory tree to stop producing nuts is done in the same manner as halting fruit production on a fruit tree.

How to turns hickory nuts into saplins?

How to Identify Hickory Trees. Hickory belonging to a section of the Walnut family is a canopy tree that is prevalent in eastern North America.

What kind of trees produce nuts?

oak, hickory, e.g.

Can you eat hickory nuts?

Yes, you can eat hickory nuts. However, they are a hard nut to crack. Sorry, could not resist the pun. It is hard to get to meat of nut and may not be worth the effort.

Give you three reasons Hickory trees help humans?

* Shade * Hickory nuts * Wood for furnature and other uses

Do hickory trees produce nuts every year?

Hickory trees typically produce nuts in a three year cycle. One year they will produce a heavy crop of nuts, the next year they will have a crop that is light to moderate, and the next year they produce very few nuts.

What animals eat the nuts of a hickory tree?

different types of animals

Are hickory trees native to Missouri?

Of the almost two dozen types of hickory trees, Missouri has two considered native species. First, the shagbark hickory (Carya ovata) and the shellbark hickory (Carya laciniosa). Both produce edible nuts.

In what ways do people use hickory trees?

People use Hickory Trees for Edible nuts, Hard, tough wood and wood for handles on tools.

What food did Pocahontas and her tribe eat?

They ate fish, deer, raccoon, beans, squash, hickory nuts and other kinds of nuts and corn.What kind of beans and nuts ?

What nuts grow in North Carolina?

tree nuts almond filbert/hazel pecan walnut hickory chestnut possibly a few others ground nuts peanut

What hardwood trees produce big nuts?

There are trees that have hardwood and that produce large nuts. These trees are walnut, hickory, and chestnut. These trees are valuable for their timber and for the nuts produced.

What flavor of corn nuts are the best?

bbq are the best

You have two different size hickory nuts What is the difference?

Possibly they come from two different types of hickory tree. Pignut hickory and pecan hickory are two different hicories with different nuts altogether. While pignuts are hard shelled and rather small in size, pecans are thin shelled and somewhat large in size.If they came from the same tree the smaller nut just may not have matured correctly.

Are there actual nuts in Honey Nut Cheerios?

There are not whole nuts in the cereal, but there is natural almond flavor in the ingredients.

What do wild boars eat?

Birds rabbits roots eggs deer turkey and hickory nuts dinosoars

Does Hickory Farms sell gift baskets?

Yes they do. It appears as if their specialty is meat and cheese, and fruits and nuts.

Does adding nuts to fudge and candies help the flavor?

yes they do to a degree.

Can Bacardi rum have nuts?

Almonds is listed on the website as a tasting flavor.

What is the function of nuts in a recipe?

Nuts add flavor and texture to the food being cooked. Nuts sprinkled on top also add to the appearance of the food, as a garnish.

What nuts are not nuts?

Many things that are called nuts actually aren't by the strict botanical definition. For example: almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamias, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts are all technically not really nuts. Hazelnuts, hickory nuts, chestnuts and acorns are some examples of true nuts. pretty much none of them.