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yes Blood vessels expand in the heat and can cause a nose bleed.

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Q: Can hot weather make your nose bleed?
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How to make you nose bleed?

by hitting it hard or putting it in hot water

Why in anime do their noses bleed?

it for when the person with the nose bleed is thinking perverded or something is too cute for them. its like they get to hot and blood shots out of their nose.

Why is your nose always bleeding?

Usually it is because in hot weather the blood cells in your nose overheat and burst, causing the blood to drip. It is important to keep your head tilted forward when having a nose bleed, to stop the blood going down your throat.

What does it mean when you get a nose bleed out of nowhere?

It could be to hot in the area or it could run in the family

Why does your son have nose bleeding when his body's temperature is high?

A nose bleed happens when your body gets to hot so that's it really:)

Make a sentence with hot weather?

it was very hot weather during summer

What does it mean when your always thirsty and your nose starts bleeding out of no where but it was hot out side when my nose started to bleed?

Drink more water be hydrated and you should really see a doctor for your nose.

Why does your nose bleed a lot?

Maybe cause your picking it alot or it is so hot. Remember if your nose does not stop bleeding for fifteen minutes go to the hospital immediately.

Why do noses bleed?

Noses bleed because of tiny fragile blood vesels on the inside of your nose which lie very close to the surface of the skin. These can break due to the hot weather when the inside of your nose is dry. People often get nose bleeds because of picking it but some people just get them. There is no need to worry!!! A little tip if you get nose bleeds without picking it. Rub a tiny amount of vasaline on a cotton bud and rub the lining of the nose but dont stick it up to far. If you are young ask your parents to do it for you. this will stop the inside of your nose drying up.

My hamster is only 6 weeks old but she has started to bleed from the nose for no apparent reason what is wrong?

Her nose may be bleeding because of weather changes. Have you ever checked if it was changing from hot to cold where you keep your hamster? I have 2 male dwarfs and the nose of one of my hamsters used to bleed because the other one scratched him there. Do you have another hamster in the same cage? If you do, they might be attacking. If you still can't find out why, I would show your hamster to a vet. Hope this helps!

Why do dogs lick your mouth and nose?

It is their sign of affection...just like panting in hot weather is their way of sweating. It is a good sign to have them lick your mouth and nose.

How weather affects duct tape?

Very hot weather will soften it and make it loose.

How can you make a sentence of the word stuffy?

How stuffy is the weather today. Cloudness and hot temperature make the weather stuffy.

How many ways are there to get a booldy nose?

well you could have someone punch you in the nose but that would hurt. well sometimes hot weather triggers them. and sometimes it just happens.

What causes nose bleeds while bending over?

A nose could bleed at any time, including when bending over, for a few reasons. Some of these reasons would be because you are in a dry and hot place, an injury to your nose, repetitive nose blowing or high blood pressure.

What adaptations help dogs keep cool during hot weather?

In dogs they pant. If he does not wish to lose heat when it is hot outside, he will breathe in and out through his nose.

Does hot water evaporate faster in cold weather or hot weather?


How do markers bleed?

they can bleed if they get to wet or hot or if it breaks and if u press to hard did that answer it

Is it better to get the cold in hot or cold weather?

Hot weather

Is sound louder in cold or hot weather?

In hot Weather

Can salamander die in cold or hot weather?

Hot Weather.

Do rabbits like hot weather?

The rabbits like hot weather and cold weather.

How do i make a stuffy nose go away with out medicine?

Hot showers and chicken soup.

Can your tongue bleed from burning it with hot liquid?


Do grizzly bears like the cold weather or the hot weather?

they live in a mostly hot weather