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Hewlett Packard is one of the premier printer/ cartridge manufacturers in the industry. Unfortunately these top of the line cartridges are only compatible with Hewlett Packard printers.

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Which cartridge replacements are compatible with my printer?

You would need to know the model and brand of your printer in order for someone to tell you which cartridges you need for it. Find out the brand and model and maybe go online to search for cartridges.

How much are replacement ink cartridges for my printer?

Every printer brand has different costs for ink cartridges. They can range anywhere from around $10 to $50. You can go to bestbuy.com and type in your ink cartridge number and it will give you the price.

What are the cheapest ways to save on printer cartridges?

The cheapest way to save on printer cartridges, would be to purchase refill kits and refill one's printer cartridges. One could also go to Costco and have them fill the cartridges at a cheap price.

Where can I buy new inkjet cartridges for my printer?

You could always refill the ink for much less, but if your cartridges are broken, you could go to any office supply or electronics store. You could call up the manufacturer of your printer as well.

What is the cheapest brand of hp ink cartridges?

While some people prefer to stick with the same brand of ink as the printer itself, there are several compatible ink cartridges for hp printers. The cheapest seems to be the Price Smart Ink cartridge costing $10.99 or you can go with the brand name for around $55.

What is the average price of a Lexmark Printer Cartridge?

It really depends what type of printer you have, but most of the time they go for about $10-20, depending on what make the printer is, whether the cartridges are colour or black and white, the amount of ink inside the actual cartridges, and of course the quality of the ink or cartridges themselves.

How to Find Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridges?

Where can you find inkjet printer ink cartridges in a rural area? Your best option for locating these types of products for your computer printer may be to go on the World Wide Web and see what kind of prices there are on ink cartridges for your printer. With shipping, you might pay the same amount that other people pay in stores for these items.

What printer brand has the cheapest ink cartidges?

I'd go with Brother inkjet printers. They use cheap compatible inkjet cartridges and most of them are capable of working on CISS of you print a lot.

Is a black and white ink printer better or should I buy the color ink printer cartridges type printer?

It all depends on what you are going to be using the printer to print. If your are basically going to print text documents than black and white is the better way to go and the cartridges are less expensive.

Where can you go to find Canon Printer Cartridges?

Printer cartridges are now widely avalible in many stores. Check an electronics store like Best Buy, or just go to Wal Mart. Also, companies have special discounts if you buy from their online stores.

Where do I go to sell my empty lasertject printer cartridge which is now umpty?

You can sell empty laserjet printer cartridges to ink recycling stores. These facilities also can refill your ink cartridges for half the price of a new cartridge.

How to Locate the Best Printer Laser Cartridges?

Your use of printer laser cartridges may be expensive, especially if you print out many pages on a daily basis. This can lead to the cartridge wearing out quickly. People who print a huge number of things out can often go through printer ink cartridges frequently, and this can add up to some serious expenses.

How do I find out which printing ink cartridge I need for my printer?

The first place to look would be the owners manual that came with the printer. That will list the cartridges that fit your printer. An alternative would be to go to a store and ask a representative. Make sure to write down the name of your printer and any details that would be helpful to identify it.

What laser toner cartridges are compatible for HP printers?

You will have to check your specific model of printer in order to determine which toner cartridges will work with it. You can go to HP's website for help if you are having trouble.

Where can a person go to buy toner cartridges for a Laserjet 5?

Laserjet 5 toner cartridges are available at most of the larger office supply stores such as Staples, Office Max or Office Depot. Best Buy is another store that sells this brand of toner cartridge. You can also check at the original store where you purchased the printer.

How do I replace my Lexmark ink cartridge?

If you need to know how to install your printer cartridges you can go to your owners manual for instructions. If not you can go to the Lexmark website for help.

Looking for Ink Cartridges Australia?

If your printer starts producing pages of faded text, it may be time to look for replacement ink cartridges Australia. These items are often associated with high price tags, but you can commonly find good bargains on them if you look in the right stores. You can also go to the best electronics sites to figure out if there are the printer cartridges that you need at such spots.

Can I get my LC51 ink cartridges refilled, or do I have to buy new ones?

Honestly, I don't think that you can just go and get them refilled. Your best bet would be to just go buy new ink cartridges for your printer. It's probably cheaper anyway.

What type of toner cartridges does my HP Printer use?

You should go to the manufacturer website and look for the support or product page for your printer model, which should lead to a list of accessories. If you go to an office supply store, print cartridges usually list the types of printers they work on, or an employee could help look up your cartridge needs.

Do you have to buy any ink for your Inkjet printer?

Inkjet Printers and all printers use ink to function. While the printer may come with initial ink cartridges you may want to purchase the next set of ink you'll need before those go out completely.

Where can one puchase a laser printer toner cartridge online?

Laser printer toner cartridges can be purchased at many online retail sites. Staples allows you to order online as well as Amazon. It may be preferable, though, to go to the site of the printer manufacturer.

How can I tell if my printer uses inkjet ink cartridges or a laser type of cartridge?

The label on the printer cartridge should say laser or inkjet on it. If this doesn't work go to the manufacturers website and they should be able to help.

How can I find out what ink cartridge is compatible with my HP printer?

Go to the HP website and search your model type which should be on the printer and it will tell you what ink cartridges are compatible with your printer type. Almost all online stores you can purchase ink will allow you to do a search for the ink you need by the type of printer that you have. The search is easy.

What is a black ink cartridge for an HP printer?

It would be best to go with the same brand ink cartridge as your printer. That way you are sure to have the right make and model cartridge without the hassle of finding a fit in a different brand.

How much can you expect to pay for replacement cartridges for a Canon laser printer?

You can go to 123inkjets on the web and get canon ink cartridges for up 75% less than orignal cartridges at the local office max, Bestbuy. You can shop by printer form Apple too Xerox. Buy 5 or more of black at 5.00 and save 4.95, buy 5 or more of color at 6.99 and save 6.oo!

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